More 13 Million Xiaomi Mi Band Series Sold: Xiaomi Dominating Global Market

Huang Wang, the CEO of Huami Corp, during the company’s new product launch, revealed some statistics. He revealed more than 13 million of the Xiaomi Band had been shipped worldwide in the second quarter(Q2) of 2020. It was during the launch of the new Amazfit GTR 2 and GTS 2 smartwatches. Huami is a partner of Xiaomi; it designs and manufactures wearables for the Xiaomi Company.
At the conference, Huang Wang disclosed that 13.4 million of its fitness trackers i.e., Xiaomi Mi band, were shipped worldwide. 5.49 million Xiaomi Mi bands were shipped in China alone, which makes it the most preferred fitness tracker in China. These statistics show us how Xiaomi is dominating the global market. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown imposed in various parts of the world, it didn’t affect the production and sales of the company much.

Comparing Sales Of Xiaomi Bands in 2019 And 2020

Year(quarter) 2019(Q3) 2020(Q1) 2020(Q2)
Sales in units(in million) 12.4 10.1 13.4

Comparing data of various quarters, the sales of MI bands in the third quarter were 12.4 million, ranking 2nd on the race of worldwide wearables. It covered 14.6% of the market share. But, in the first quarter of 2020, the sales have declined, the outbreak of COVID-19 globally could be the reason for it. It covered 14% market share with sales of 10.1 million. However, see how its sales rose up in the second quarter of 2020. Total sales for Q2 this year is 13.4 million.

How Are Other Brands Doing?


Shipments and market share



(in millions)


Market Share



(in millions)


Market Share

Apple 29.5 35% 21.2 29.3%
Xiaomi 12.4 14.6% 10.1 14.0%
Samsung 8.3 9.8% 8.6 11.9%
Huawei 7.1 8.4% 8.1 11.1%
Fitbit 3.5 4.1% 2.2 3%

Source: IDC

Which band contributed to the success of Xiaomi?

Two of the most recent fitness trackers released: MI band 4 and MI band 5, played significant roles to reach sales of more than 13 million. MI band 5 is the successor of MI band 4. MI Band 5 has played a more important role in boosting sales of Xiaomi.

All the fitness trackers released by Xiaomi have been a massive hit in the market. The first fitness tracker, “MI Band 2,” was released in 2014, it reached a million sales in a couple of months. MI Band 3 surpassed the sales record, MI Band 3. Again the success was overtaken by MI Band 4 and 5, respectively. On July 9, 2020, Mi Band 4, Canalys announced MI band 4 as the best-selling wearable band globally.

What Is So Special About MI Band 4 And MI Band 5?

Both MI Band 4 and MI Band 5 are very affordable fitness trackers you will find in the market. They assist us in staying healthy. MI Band 4 and 5 are water-resistant up to 50 meters. They provide functions like heart rate monitoring, steps tracking, sleep monitoring. They come in 2 different models: standard and NFC model. We can switch to various sports modes in both bands.

MI Band 5 is a successor of MI Band 4. So, it provides even better functions than that of MI Band 4. MI Band has increased the performance of sleep tracking. There is a REM function as well, which monitors sleep more minutely.

The battery of MI Band 5 lasts up to 14 days. We can even use a magnetic charger. It has a 1.1 AMOLED display.

One of the most preferred features of MI Band 5 is Female Health Tracking. It helps females to monitor their menstruation cycle and ovulation. This feature also helps women to predict their period cycles and keeps a history of menstruation conditions through manual inputs.

Another significant function of MI Smart Band 5 is PAI(Personal Activity Intelligence) index evaluation. This index helps us to evaluate our health condition depending on the heart rate, daily physical activities, and many other health statistics. This fitness tracker gives you a PAI score by evaluating your health data for 7 days. PAI of more than 100 means the risk of cardiovascular disease is less. So, the target must always be to maintain PAI of more than 100. This calculation is based on scientific practice and experimentations.

HUAMI- Brief Introduction

Huami is a known name in the smart wearable industry. It is the most trusted partner of Xiaomi smart bands. This company designs and manufactures smart bands and smartwatches for the Xiaomi company. But Huami has its own line of products as well. Amazefit Band 5, Amazefit GTS, and Amazefit Bip S are smartwatches and fitness trackers of Huami Company. It also manufactures earbuds as well. Huami has been working continuously to make the lifestyle of people easier and healthier. Both Mi Fit and Amazfit are mobile

apps of Huami, that syncs with its fitness trackers and provide

analysis of health data.

Huami has claimed that Xiaomi is not its competitor. Instead, they work hand in hand for the betterment of wearables.