Can Fitbit Track Your Activity Without A Phone? – Here Is Your Answer


If you have been following the new gadget trends for the past few years, you must be familiar with Fitbit. The Fitbit is the product developed for keeping track of fitness. They have multiple product versions, each with a slightly different set of functions, but the main purpose is to track steps and operation. In other words, this measures the magnitude of your everyday physical activity. With each new modification on the Fitbit, there have been additional features. In this article, let us find out if your Fitbit can track your activity without using your phone.

There are many kinds of Fitbit. Most athletes and fitness enthusiasts use Fitbit in the form of watches or clips onto their clothing. The Fitbit is the upgraded version of an old school pedometer with advanced features beyond a pedometer. You will be able to charge the Fitbit with the help of computers and special chargers. Besides, you will also be able to see all the recorded data by pairing the Fitbit with your smartphones.

However, the question remains. Do you need a phone to track your Fitbit activity? Well, the answer is phones are not mandatory to use Fitbit. To monitor your fitness habits through Fitbit, you can use other means as well. There are plenty of Fitbits available in the market that functions accurately without the use of a phone.

How Does Fitbit Work?

With a moving target of 10,000 steps a day, the fitness tracker is prefixed. It is a kind of arbitrary goal that can be changed, but it was quoted and used as a healthy goal by people all over the world. However, 10,000 steps are impractical for certain people, and a Fitbit can also be used to merely boost the exercise, regardless of whether you are going to actually hit 10,000 steps or blow 10,000 steps every day out of the water.

Fitbit trackers use a ”3-axis accelerometer” to track the movements by means of formulas designed to detect such movement patterns such as walking, swimming, and cycling. Independent testers estimate the system to be around 90 percent accurate.

The other important detail they report is that the calories have consumed, and you have traveled forward. You may also consider attributes such as:

  • Tracking of sleep
  • Monitoring of heart rate
  • Tracking of GPS
  • Storing music
  • Notifications of call & text

Can Your Fitbit Track Your Activity without Use of Phone?

To be honest, I will say that synchronizing your Fitbit with your phone helps to track your activities in a much efficient manner. Despite that, Fitbit also works perfectly and helps to track your activity even without the use of a phone.

The optimum use will be when you customize your Fitbit tracker through the Fitbit app, linking it to your iOS, Windows, or Mac device. You will obey the in-app guidelines for ”Set up a New Device” after you have downloaded and activated an update on your selected computer.

There are many Fitbits that do not require any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi set up or synchronization. Another option is that you can always synchronize your fitness tracking into your PC or laptop. 

If you do this, your data will be on the laptop, and you will not require a phone. It is best to synchronize Fitbit with your laptop at least once a day to avoid missing your results.

Features You Can Experience In Fitbit without Using a Phone

Your Fitbit can provide you with great features even though you do not use a phone. There are fabulous fitness trackers in the market that work explicitly, even without any smartphones. These Fitbit have amazing features for you to experience.

Track your steps with GPS

The Fitbit Run Detect function initiates the embedded GPS and accurate cardiac speeds, rpm, size, height, and time splits – as well as a post-workout rundown – can be measured in real-time right at the bottom of your wrist. 

Only synchronize Ionic with the Fitbit Device to display a preview of the path on your laptop when you return home. This is also unrequired if you are not interested.

Listen to music and podcasts.

Fitbit will hold your favorite songs or podcasts for many hours, and you can listen to them quickly with Bluetooth headphones like Fitbit Flyer. You may require a Wi-Fi device and a free Fitbit desktop app to stream playlists. You can open any files that you hold or do not require a permit.

Track your workout routine

Fitbit comes with three free bodyweight training for the Fitbit Coach. 

To start a Fitbit workout training follow these steps:

  • Tap the Fitbit Coach application
  • select a training session, and press the Play icon on the bottom right of the menu. 
  • You can preview it by tapping the menu icon on the top right. 
  • Tap the play button again to pause, and as it comes to the beginning and ending, Fitbit Ionic vibrates. 
  • You can see an exercise rundown at the conclusion of the session, which contains calories expended, average heart rate, a high heart rate, and much more.

Track your heart rate

Fitbit’s Fitbit’s Pure Pulse powered application displays your heart rate and rest rate on certain clock faces in real-time. In workouts, you will also see the heart rate areas in which your heart rate is located, so that your intensity of training can be adjusted accordingly.

Pure Pulse sensors use LED lights to reflect modifications in blood frequency on the skin. Nevertheless, its exactness has been disputed so that the readings should not be considered as the word of god.

Make Purchase

You do not have to have your phones or wallet if you have a Fitbit with you. To access the Fitbit Pay app, simply press the left button of a watch for 2 seconds when you are in a store that accepts contactless payments. Enter the four-digit PIN code of your watch when asked. Keep the watch face (on your wrist — you must wear the Fitbit to operate on Fitbit Pay) next to the payment terminal until your card appears on the computer. The Fitbit will vibrate, and as payment goes in, and you can see a message on the phone.

Track your hourly activity

When you are sitting idle for too long, the Fitbit’sFitbit’s Reminder to Movie option will be triggered. If you have not moved at least 250 steps in 50 minutes, then the reminder vibrates 10 minutes beforehand. Once you reach the target goal of 250 steps on time, then you will get a celebratory message with vibration.

Track your sleep

More Fitbit trackers can track sleep, length, and quality automatically. In more than an hour, Fitbit algorithms assume sleep has started when you have not moved. In “standard” mode, only significant actions like rolling over are tracked in Fitbit. Fitbit logs virtually all movements in ”sensitive” mode as ”resting” time.

Track your daily stats

Fitbit tracks and saves multiple data items around your day, seven among which can be seen in your Today App on your watch. This includes steps, hourly activity, heart rate and resting heart rate, distance covered, calories burned, floors climbed, and active minutes. Click and hold the stat tile and move it to a new location to adjust the order of the regular tile details. All Fitbit stats are reset at midnight except for sleep. Moreover, you will find your full set of data on your Fitbit device or website, as well.

Tracking, Logging and Analyzing your exercise

You can customize the Fitbit application to interactive displays your favorites by capturing data from more than a dozen types of exercises. Including exercises like running, biking, hiking, swimming, and indoor cycling. To track a Fitbit practice, open the Training app, and tap to discover the exercise you want. To start, tap the icon of the play or press the bottom. Three real-time stats are displayed. Swipe the center one for more scrolls. When you finish your workout, press the bottom, and confirm to stop. To view your summary workout, press the top button, and then tap Exit Done.

Practice Guided Breathing

The Fitbit Relax app requires your heart rate to personalize a deep breathing session for two or five minutes. When you are ready to get started, tap the Relax app. The default exercise will be for 2 minutes. Press the gear icon to pick the five-minute session and click the rear button to switch off the vibration signals. After that, press the back buttons. To start the session, tap a play symbol and follow the instructions on the screen. Upon completion of the test, you can provide input on how effectively you were observing the relaxation instructions and the pulse rate at the conclusion and start of the study.

Setting a Silent Alarm

Although in the Fitbit app and on the dashboard, you can always control your silent alarm, Ionic lets you do so by gliding from your wrist. Although in the Fitbit app and on the dashboard, you can always control your silent alarm, Ionic lets you do so by gliding your wrist. On the display screen, open the Alarms application and tap “+ New Alarm.” You may have to scroll down to see this option if you have created multiple alarms using the app or dashboard already. To set your desired time of the alarm, tap “12:00” and scroll. Make sure that you do not forget to set it at am or pm. To change the frequency, press the back of your watch button.

Disadvantages of Using a Fitbit Fitness Tracker without a Phone

If you have a fitness tracker without a phone, there are some disadvantages. I am going to explain that here, too. I hope that this will help you to decide on your purchase.

Real-Time Tracking

Most fitness trackers and smartphones demonstrate your measurements of health and activity in real-time. It means that on the smartwatch screen, you can see your heart rate, steps, etc. Nevertheless, you cannot view your previous data mostly from the Fitness Tracker.

Therefore, you must at least synchronize your fitness tracker with your smartphone once a day if you want to see the details of your training. Furthermore, you cannot access any apps if you use the fitness tracker or smartwatch independently. You need a phone or laptop, for example, if you want to track and view your sleeping metrics.

Most Fitbit fitness trackers and smartwatches show sleep metrics in the accompanying application only. Therefore, I would recommend that you synchronize your Fitbit bands and smartwatches at least once daily to explore all features.

Inaccurate Results

These devices can be found to be successful at tracking steps, but they do not measure things very much. They tend to exaggerate when you go fast the distance you have traveled and overestimate when you move slowly. Their overall activity level measurements are uncertain. They overestimate the overall time of sleep and maybe either high or low in terms of the number of calories consumed. Thus, you could have a biased view of your overall fitness if you rely on one of these types of equipment as your only guide.

How do you synchronize your Fitbit on your laptop?

As I have stated in the previous sections, you will require a Fitbit dongle. Fitbit Dongle is simply a glorified tool that helps connect your Fitbit via the internet, mostly through your laptop to the Fitbit server. You will get this with the package of the Fitbit.

You can view all your fitness data on your laptop once you have configured Fitbit wireless sync dongle. It is a single operation, so any time you synchronize data between your devices, you need to repeat this process.


In conclusion, the most important thing about using a fitness tracker is to motivate you. If you do not want to use a phone, then you can use the fitness tracker for various above-mentioned different purposes. However, anticipating the intelligent features without a phone on the Fitbits are limited.

I believe that this article on the can Fitbit track your activity without a phone has helped you to select one of the best fitness trackers.

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