Oppo Band Vs Xiaomi Mi Band 5: Which One is Better?

Oppo Band vs Mi Band 5

If you want to be serious about your fitness and health, you should buy a smart band. Using a smart band while working out can help you achieve your fitness goal faster. Smart bands are the type of fitness tracking device that tracks, monitors, and gives reports about your fitness activities. For the past few years, smart bands have been the most reliable device for exercise and different types of workout. Moreover, its unique design and sensors have been accurate and are loved by fitness lovers.

Likewise, two of the most popular brands Oppo and Xiaomi Mi, from the tech industry, have released their latest fitness bands Oppo Band and Xiaomi Mi Band 5, in June 2020. Both of the smart bands consist of all the features that you required in 2020.

The Oppo band was released on 5th June 2020, making the Oppo Band the first smart band that is available for the customers. This smart band may not have any expectations because this smart band is the first version of Oppo.

Likewise, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 was released on 11th June 2020. The Mi Band 5 is the 5th generation smart band of Xiaomi Company. So, this smart band is expected to be launched with many more features and updates than Mi Band 4. The Xiaomi Company guarantees that this smart band is their best smart band and better than other generations.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to compare them, find out similarities between them, and at last, decide which one is better Oppo Band or Mi Band 5 and why.

But at first, before reaching any conclusion, we must need to discuss their specs and other features. So, you can make a better purchase decision without any delay. Now, let’s dive into the article.

Comparison Between Oppo Band and Xiaomi MI Band 5

Oppo band is the first smart band of Oppo Company. So, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 might be the better one. However, let’s compare them based on their differences to have a better understanding.


The main difference between them is their models. Moreover, models often provide variety to users to buy according to their personality and choice.

Oppo Band comes with three different models known as the Vanilla Oppo Band, Oppo Band Fashion Edition, and Oppo Band EVA Edition, while MI Band 5 offers no models. You will experience the same internal functions and features between them.


The colors make your smart band look attractive. Moreover, you can pick your smart band with your favorite color, if available.

The Oppo Band can be available in purple, black, pink, and red color. Similarly, the Mi Band 5 can be available in black, green, red, and yellow colors.


You can feel the comfortability while performing your workout through weight. More the heavier your smart band, the more difficult it will be to perform your workout.

The dimension of the Oppo Band is 40.4×17.6×11.4mm. Likewise, the dimension of the Mi Band 5 is 46.95×18.15×12.45mm.

The weight of the Oppo Band is 10.3g, and the weight of Mi Band 5 is 12g.

So, Oppo Band is lighter than the Mi Band 5, which proves that you will feel more comfortable in Oppo Band while performing your workout.

Dynamic Watch Face

Mi Band 5 offers more than 100 varieties of dial themes, making your smart band more attractive. Besides, you can also download dial themes from any third party app once your band is connected with your smartphone.


Before purchasing any device, we should always consider the price of that product, whether it is below or above our budget.

The price of the Oppo Band comes around $45. Similarly, Mi Band 5 comes around $40. Therefore, there is not so much difference in price between them. However, there are other factors you must consider before purchasing any of the devices.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistant

The AI feature makes your smart band smarter. But the AI is not available in Oppo Band; it is only available in Mi Band 5.

The AI assistant used in Mi Band 5 is Xiao AI assistant which is developed by the Xiaomi. The Xiao AI assistant is similar to the Google assistant. Because both are voice assistants, which means you can give command through your voice to your Mi Band 5.

Sports Modes

Sports Modes in your smart band offers you a different type of sports activities that can be tracked by your smart band. So, if you are a fitness lover, you should choose a smart band that offers more number of sports modes.

The Oppo Band offers 12 different sports modes. They are 

  • Outdoor Running, 
  • Indoor Running, 
  • Outdoor Walking, 
  • Outdoor Cycling, 
  • Indoor Cycling, 
  • Fat Loss Running, 
  • Free Training, 
  • Badminton, 
  • Swimming, 
  • Rowing Machine, 
  • Elliptical Machine, 
  • and Weight Training.

Similarly, Mi Band 5 offers 11 different sports modes. They are 

  • Outdoor Running, 
  • Pool Swimming, 
  • Indoor Cycling, Walking, 
  • Treadmill, 
  • Freestyle, 
  • Cycling, 
  • Jump Rope, 
  • Yoga, 
  • Elliptical, 
  • and Rowing Machine. 

Therefore, Oppo Band offers one extra sports mode than the Mi Band 4.

Battery Capacity

For any type of electronic device, battery capacity is very important. More the battery capacity of your smart band longer your smart band can last because the battery capacity is how much energy it can store in your band.

The battery capacity of the Oppo Band is 100 mAh. Similarly, the battery capacity of Mi Band 5 is 25 mAh more than the Oppo Band. This means the battery capacity of Mi Band 5 is 125 mAh. Therefore, in terms of battery capacity, Mi Band 5 has an advantage over Oppo Band.

Charging Method

You might be frustrated if your smart band charge is dead while performing your workout, and you don’t have a charger to bring back to its life. Different type of device consists of different type of charging method. So, the charger of your smart band depends upon which brand your smart band belongs to.

For Example:

My Tic Pro Watch uses Universal Serial Bus (USB) port to built-in and the Huawei Watch 2 magnetic doc cradle. So, different types of devices require a different type of charger.

You can charge your Oppo Band with 2 Pogo Pin. Besides, 2 Pogo Pin offers a greater life span as compared to other modern chargers. The Mi Band 5 can be charged with Magnetic Charging Cable. With the help of this charger, your smart band charges quickly in a short time.

Therefore, if you want a charger with a greater life span, you can buy the Oppo Band. But you want your smart band charge quickly; you can buy Mi Band 5.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC in your smart band allows you to exchange the data with other devices in a short-range. You can use NFC in your smart band for transactions, exchanging digital content, etc. with just a touch of your smart band.

The features of NFC available in your Oppo Band is Access Control, Bus Card, and Alipay. Similarly, the feature available in Mi Band 5 is Access Control, Bus Card, and Alipay, similar to the Oppo Band. Additionally, the Mi Band 5 has Quick Pass in its features, making it easier and quicker to make payment. Therefore, the Quick Pass feature in Mi Band 5 makes it better than Oppo Band when it comes to the NFC.


Gyroscope is useful if you are cycling because it measures the number of rotation you have paddled. But your Oppo Band doesn’t consist of this feature is only available in Mi Band 5. The Mi Band 5 consists of a gyroscope of 3-axis, which can measure rotation up to three axes X, Y, and Z.

Stress Monitor

You can use these features if you are thinking of buying Mi Band 5 because this feature is not available in Oppo Band. The stress monitoring in your Mi Band 5 calculates your stress. Stress Monitor in Mi Band 5 also reminds you to take rest and relax by adjusting your breathing whenever necessary.


SpO2, also known as oxygen saturation, is a measure of the amount of oxygen-carrying hemoglobin in the blood relative to the amount of hemoglobin not carrying oxygen.

SpO2 is not available in Mi Band 5. But it is available in Oppo Band. You can use these features to measure your blood oxygen level of your body.

Operating System

The operating system of your smart band means the version of Android and iOS devices; it can support and connect your Oppo Band can support Android 6 or iOS 10 devices above. Therefore, this means you can easily connect and share your data with the device that has Android 6 or iOS 10 devices above. Similarly, your Mi Band 5 can support and connect to Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 above. Therefore, you can purchase the smart bands according to the version in your device has.

Female Health

The health of women is very important and sensitive. Mi Band 5 has made things easier for women as its new feature can track the women’s menstrual cycle. Moreover, these features come along with notification vibration alerts for female users.

Breathe Training

Breathe training consists of different types of breathing exercises that relax the body. You can get helped in other exercises where you need to control breathing like yoga and swimming.

Similarities Between Oppo Band and Xiaomi MI Band 5

Both the devices Oppo Band and Xiaomi Mi Band 5 look the same visually. If you want to know what’s make them similar in terms of features. Let’s look at this article.


The display in your smart band visualizes the information through the display screen. Oppo Band and Mi Band 5 uses a similar type of display screen. Both the smart band uses AMOLED 1.1 inch display screen. AMOLED is a type of Organic Light Emitting Display (OLED).

Display Resolution

You can get both the smart band display resolution with the same pixels. Display resolution in your smart band determines the capacity to show several pixels on your screen. The screen resolution of both watches is 126 x 294 pixels.

Screen Protection

You can get your Oppo Band and Mi Band 5 with similar tempered glass. Both the smart band uses 2.5D Tempered Glass.

Strap Material

Strap material in both the smart bands is similar to each other. Both the smart band strap is crafted with polycarbonate and silicone strap.

Polycarbonate is considered durable, light transmission, lightweight, and silicone strap is considered non-toxic, has no smell, and is easy to clean. You can choose according to your wish while purchasing smart bands among them.


You can use the accelerometer in both devices. Both the smart band Oppo Band and Mi Band 5 consists of a 3-axis accelerometer that measures acceleration, such as gravity.

Heart Rate Monitor

You can get these features on both the devices. The heart rate monitoring of both smart bands is quite accurate. Both the Oppo Band and Mi Band 5 offer 24-hour heart rate monitoring.

Sleep Monitor

You can track your sleep with both the devices. Because the Oppo Band and Mi Band 5 consists of a sleep monitor feature that tracks your sleep.


Water-resistant is an ability to resist the penetration of water to your smart band to some degree. 5ATM standards are rated to both the devices, which make them water-resistant up to 50 meters in depth for 10 minutes. This means you can swim dive, splash with your band but not more than 10 minutes.

Battery Life

The battery life of your smart band can be lost by performing lots of activities through your smart band like performing workouts through sports modes or using sensors like accelerometer, optical heart rate sensor, gyroscope, etc.


The storage helps you to store your data in your smart band. Both the smart band capacity to store the data is similar. The overall storage capacity of Oppo Band and Mi Band 5 is 16MB.


With the help of Bluetooth, you can connect with other devices and can send and receive data. Both the smart bands, the Oppo Band and Mi Band 5, use Bluetooth 5.0. Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest version of Bluetooth, and this version is a lot faster and has a wide range in comparison to other Bluetooth versions.

Remote Shutter

A remote shutter feature is available on both devices. With the help of the remote shutter, you can connect your smart band wirelessly with your smartphone or any other camera and can capture photos through your smart band.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Oppo Band and Xiaomi MI Band 5?

Pros and cons of Oppo Band


  • The price of the Oppo band is relatively low than other brands available on the market.
  • This Smart Band consists of SpO2.


  • This smart band doesn’t have a voice assistant.

Pros and cons of Mi Band 5


  • The price of Mi Band 5 is low than other brands available on the market
  • This smart band consists of women’s health tracking features.
  • This smart band consists of Stress Monitor.


  • The stress monitor in this smart band might not be effective.

Which One is Better and Why?

Without any doubt, Mi Band 5 has upgraded its features in comparison to Mi Band 4, while Oppo Band as a new entrant in the market has started giving competition to some of the popular brands.

The Oppo Band and Mi Band 5 comes at an affordable price. Moreover, these smart bands consist of some cool features which make you healthy and fit.

One of the main advantages of having the Oppo band is it comes with a SpO2 sensor. Similarly, the advantage of having Mi Band 5 is it comes with a voice assistant, stress monitoring, PAI index, female health, breathing training, and dynamic watch face.

If I have two choose between Oppo Band and Mi Band 5, I would have gone for Mi Band 5 because Mi Band 5 offers more features than the Oppo Band.


There is no doubt both are one of the best smart bands that were recently released and available in the market. Moreover, there is no much difference in price among them. Both are affordable.

However, Oppo Band is lighter, has more sports modes, more NFC features while Mi Band 5 has greater battery life. 

In similarity, both the smart band consists of 5ATM water-resistant, storage capacity, and Bluetooth versions.


In conclusion, there is no doubt both the smart bands are one of the best smart bands in 2020. Both are affordable when it comes to the price, and both consist of some unique features.

Thank you for reading this article till the end. I hope I have covered all the information related to this topic, and this topic helped you in making your purchase decision among these two devices. If you have any questions regarding this topic, you can write your questions in the comment section below.

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