Oppo Band EVA Edition: What’s New In It?

Oppo Band Eva Review

Oppo has released its first-ever smart band this year. The Chinese giant has debuted with its new product. i.e., the Oppo Band. Plus, the Oppo smart band is available in three versions – Oppo Band, Oppo Band Fashion, and Oppo Band EVA.

The Oppo Band EVA was released in June 2020, along with the other versions of Oppo bands. Oppo Band EVA is a special fashion band, and it is made available as a limited-edition band. Now, let’s take a look at the smart band’s features and specifications below.

List Of Oppo Band EVA’s Features


Oppo Band EVA has a 1.1’’inch AMOLED touch screen. The smart band comes with a 2.5D curved, color display screen, with a resolution of 126x294px. Also, the smart band’s screen covers 100% of the DCI P3 color gamut, which is most likely an advantage for the best budget smart band.


Oppo Band EVA comes with a special outlook, which is inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion, a popular anime series. Besides, the Oppo Band EVA has floating strap design. The Oppo Band EVA is available in a single color theme, i.e., red with black.

Activity Tracking

The Oppo Band EVA features the following activity trackers:

Sleep Tracking

Oppo Band Eva allows you to track your sleep activities. The smart band points out your sleep problems, tracks your sleep time, and also provides useful feedback regarding your sleep habits. This information can help you have a better sleep.

Heart Rate Monitor

Oppo Band EVA has a 24-hr heart rate monitoring feature. The device can show you your current heart rate data. Furthermore, the Oppo Band EVA can also track your heart rate while you are sleeping.

Blood Oxygenation

Oppo Band EVA comes with a built-in SpO2 sensor, which allows the smart band to determine your blood oxygen level. The smart band is capable of detecting the oxygen saturation of blood in every second of time. Thus, the Oppo Band EVA can measure the blood oxygen level for a continuous 480 minutes in a row.

Fitness Tracking

Oppo Band EVA does not have GPS support. Besides, the gadget includes the following fitness tracking feature:

Sports Mode

The Oppo Band EVA features 12 different sports tracking modes. The band can track activities such as indoor & outdoor running, indoor & outdoor cycling, outdoor walking, swimming, fat reduction running, badminton, free training, rowing machine, elliptical machine, and training assistant. For these tracking activities, the smart band has an accelerometer sensor.


Oppo Band EVA is compatible with Android devices version 6.0+ and Apple devices version 10.0+. The devices can be paired through Bluetooth v5.0 with the smart band. Thus, the smart band allows notification alerts, calls & message alerts, stopwatch, music controls, weather reports, etc.

NFC Support

Oppo Band EVA is capable of supporting NFC features. This feature consists of multiple functions, including a contactless payment feature as well.


Oppo Band EVA can withstand up to 50 meters of depth underwater. Thus, the smart band is perfect to wear while swimming and showering too.


Oppo Band EVA has a  The smart band comes with a pogo pin charger, which charges up the devices in 1.5 hours. The battery can last up to 14 days within a single charge, which is equally satisfying and necessary.

Availability & Price

Oppo Band EVA is currently available in China only. This edition of Oppo is not expected to be sold out of China. Also, the Oppo Band EVA is launched as a limited-edition band.

The Oppo Band EVA is currently available for $59.99. Hence, you can consider this smart band in your best budget list of gadgets.

Is It Any Different From The Oppo Band?

Oppo has released its first-ever smart band, simultaneously with all three editions this year. Although these wearables are only launched in the Chinese market, we can already study their specifications, all thanks to the internet. As a result, the Oppo bands have not disappointed our expectations for the best budget fitness tracker.

Oppo’s smart band appears to look much more like the Redmi Band. The vanilla Oppo Band, also known as the simple Oppo Band, is the well-known smart band among other editions of the Oppo band. But if you have to compare between the Oppo Band and the Oppo Band EVA, then there are some differences present among them.

The Oppo Band EVA is a limited edition smart band. Thus, this variant won’t be there for long enough in the market. Whereas the Oppo Band is expected to launch in the global market, and it does not come in limited edition.

Oppo Band comes with a thinner TPU strap, whereas Oppo Band EVA has floating strap design. Plus, the Oppo Band EVA is uniquely inspired by the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime theme, which makes it even more special.

Oppo Band does support any NFC features. Whereas, Oppo Band EVA does have multi-functional NFC support.

Oppo Band is relatively cheaper in comparison to Oppo Band EVA. The Oppo Band costs $28, and the Oppo Band EVA costs $59.99. Despite having such affordability, Oppo’s smart bands have remarkably better features.

Apart from having differences, these Oppo bands have numerous similarities. Both of these Oppo bands are powered by the Apollo chip 3 processor. This is what allows the smart band to function so smoothly, as it reduces the power consumption of the device.

Both of these bands have the same battery power and battery life. The Oppo smart bands are compatible with the same versions of the smartphones. Both Oppo bands consist of similar activity tracking features.

You will require the Oppo Health App on your smartphone so that the smart band can sync and function properly with your phone.

The Oppo bands do not have GPS support. This gadget comes with a ‘find my phone’ feature, which enables you to locate your smartphone in case you lose or misplace it.

Oppo smart bands are suitable for both men and women. Thus, the simple design of the band will suit you flawlessly. Also, Oppo’s smart band offers over 160+ band faces.


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