What To Do With Old Fitness Trackers?

What To Do With Old Fitness Trackers?

I have been a huge watch enthusiast since I was a kid. Whether it be my birthday or my relatives returning from abroad, I would always ask for a watch. I’m a 90’s kid, and these smartwatches or fitness trackers were not so popular then. There were a variety of analog and digital watches available. With the passage of time, smartwatches and fitness trackers became popular, and guess what? Now I am a fitness tracker enthusiast. I buy a lot of them. Today, when I opened my drawer, I saw 4 of my fitness trackers and some of my watches lying there. First, I thought, I can use those when my recent fitness tracker needs repair. But again, I thought, why all? So, I researched what I can do with my remaining Fitness trackers. I found amazing ideas that I want to share with you all.

Instead of storing old Fitness Trackers or throwing them away, here are few things you can do. These can be beneficial for you or the people around you:

  1. Resell your device
  2. Donate them
  3. Give it to the manufacturing company
  4. Give it to repairing shops
  5. Use it to make something creative
  6. Give it for recycling

What Can You Do With Old Fitness Trackers?

Resell Your Device

If you are not using your fitness device now, or you think you may not need that anytime near the future, you can sell them. Of course, only if it is in good condition. We all know that electronic gadgets are highly and quickly depreciated. So it is not possible to get the whole money back. But you can get a partial amount of money back. Also, you can exchange a new gadget and get a discount while buying it. If you sell it in the store where you bought it, you can even get more valuation.

Places Where You Can Sell Your Old Fitness Trackers

Buyback world

Buyback world is a trusted platform where you can sell or buy used electronic items. You can get a quick valuation of your electronics, and you can get your payment within two days. You can sell almost all kinds of electronic items like smartphones, tablets, iPhones, cameras, wearable tech, etc. in BuyBack World.


Amazon Trade-In

Amazon Trade-In is a web portal that accepts your used electronic items and provides an “Amazon Gift Card” in return. The balance of the gift card equals the valuation of your item. The whole process may take up to 10 days depending on your location.


It’s Worth More

ItsWorthMore.com is a site where you can sell your fitness trackers and other electronic devices online. You can get quick payments for your electronics. It has good ratings in ResellerRatings.com and Better Business Bureau.


Things To Consider While Reselling Your Device:

Sell It For The Best Price

Research online before you sell your “Fitness Friend.” Post them on various sites and sell them at the best price. Don’t settle for less and never go for the first price you get.

Erase Your Data

Before you sell your device, it is important to erase all of its data so that the new owners cannot access it. In some fitness devices, the data are erased once the device is disconnected from mobile phones. But in some, you need to erase it yourself.

Donate Fitness Trackers

Initially, people used to donate their watches to Non-Profit Organizations. Those organizations would sell them in order to generate funds. Now, you can do the same with Fitness Trackers. If your fitness tracker is in good condition, you can donate it to those organizations so that they can sell the fitness trackers and generate funds.

Moreover, you can donate our Fitness Trackers to old-aged homes. Senior citizens there can keep track of their health. We know that elderly people must be more careful and conscious of their health, so handing over devices that monitor their sleep cycles, heart rates, or their steps as they walk can be a good deed.

Besides, you can donate your fitness trackers to kids at orphanages or homeless people as well.

If you want to donate your Fitness Trackers for the welfare of other people, this can be the best site:

Recycle Health:

Recycle health is one of the amazing charity-based organizations. This company collects used fitness trackers, repairs them, and provides them to vulnerable populations. Instead of disposing of usable, old fitness trackers, the company aims to provide them to the under deserved population.


Give It To Manufacturing Company

When you have a Fitness Tracker that is outdated or that has slight defects, giving it back to the manufacturing company can be a good idea. I will tell you why the main reason is environmental protection. When you give old devices, the manufacturers can dismantle it and use the usable parts in other devices.

Whereas, if none of the parts are useful, the company can dispose of them using their guidelines or protocols. All sorts of electronic devices contain some metals or materials that may not be beneficial to the human body or environment as a whole. Disposing of those devices properly is essential. By giving away to the manufacturer, you can be a part of the Global Movement.

Concerned for ecology, manufacturers of Apple watches take old watches back.

Give It To The Repairing Shops

Instead of piling your drawers with unused fitness trackers, you can simply give it to the repairing shops. They can use the parts to mend other watches or fitness devices. Remember the principle of REUSE?

Also, after mending the device, you can give it to your friend who wants it. Or you can give it to people who help you on a daily basis: like a nanny or household help.

Use It To Make Something Creative

You can recycle old fitness trackers. The fitness tracker that you no longer use can be used to make creative stuff. You can make some bookmarks, bracelets, armbands, etc. Also, if you think you are not creative or crafty enough, you can give it to someone who can make good use of the old Fitness Tracker.

Give It To Recycling Companies

There are different “electronics recycling” companies that recycle or dispose of your fitness trackers in an eco-friendly way. If you think your device is old and not eligible for donating or giving it to someone, then giving it to recycling companies instead of throwing them in the trash can be a smart move.

Here are a few companies that recycle electronic devices:

Best buy

With the aim to create a more sustainable world, best buy was established. Best buy contributes by trading in or recycling old electronics.


Tech Dump

Tech Dump recycles all the electronic appliances that have battery cable or cord. This company operates in two cities and has pickup services as well. You can also be confident about your data security. Check their website here:


Why Is It Good To Give Away Old Fitness Trackers?

Technology changes so rapidly that the updated or “better version” of Fitness Tracker comes so quickly. And we tend to buy a new one as soon as it releases just for some additional features!! Some of you may be wondering why you should give away your old Fitness Tracker; why isn’t it just fine to lay them in the corner of the room. Well, here are some awesome reasons which say it is better to give away your old fitness trackers:

Declutter Your Space

Old Fitness Trackers somehow consume some space in your house, may it be a corner of your house or a corner of your wardrobe. So giving away your old Fitness Trackers can declutter your space. Also, it is a perfect opportunity to give away those things that you no longer use.

Help For Environment Conservation

Giving away your old Fitness Trackers to people who need them or who can make good use of them is a perfect way to reuse and recycle them. When you give it to repairers or manufacturers, they can use maximum parts, which helps to minimize wastage.

Secondly, when you give Fitness Trackers back to manufacturers, they will dispose of it in a proper and environmentally friendly way. Old fitness trackers contain materials like lead, mercury, and plastics, etc., which may be harmful to human health and the environment, as I mentioned earlier. Isn’t it a good initiative for environmental conservation?

Help people who are less fortunate

It is so true that wherever you go, there will always be some people who are less fortunate than you. Helping those people provides a sense of satisfaction. When you can help people with something that you do not need, then why not?

You can even sell your old fitness trackers. People having limited means will be happy to get the fitness tracker at a low price.

Donating your old fitness trackers to Non-Profit organizations or orphanages or old-aged homes can benefit people in various ways. It helps less fortunate people to keep track of their health, and also helps to acquire funds.

Share Happiness

Giving something to others with no expectations of any return is an act that only a few people can do. Watching people happy or viewing their grateful faces with million-dollar smiles can hardly not bring a smile to your face as well. It may just mean a small gesture for you, but it may mean a lot to some people. A small act of yours can restore faith in humanity and the way the person thinks for the rest of his/her life.

Last Words-What To Do With Old Fitness Trackers?

It is best to give away old fitness trackers instead of piling them at home. Research suggests that one-third of fitness trackers users use them only for six months. Imagine how many fitness trackers are lying unused at people’s homes.

Fitness trackers can measure footsteps, calories and heart rate, etc. This device helps people to take care of their health in their busy schedules. However, they remain unutilized with people after they buy a better or updated version of it.

Therefore, it is better to sell or donate those old devices. This can be best for you, the person or organization that gets it, and for the environment as a whole.

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” ―H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


These are a few queries regarding your “Fitness Assistant” that many people have:

Is Getting a Fitness Tracker Really Beneficial?

Yes, getting a Fitness Tracker can be very advantageous to you. Fitness trackers can keep track of your footsteps, sleep cycle, heart rate, calories, and many other important data.

Fitness Trackers remind you when you need to go for a walk or when you need a rest. It also shows your basic health data, so that you know when to consult a doctor. Well, it doesn’t do any physical activities for you; it just shows what you need to do and what you have done.

These helpful devices motivate you to stay fit and active.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Fitness Tracker?

A fitness tracker can function from a year to 5. It also depends upon the quality of the manufacturing company. Also, the wearer needs to handle it properly and take good care of it in order to use it for the full lifetime.

Are Fitness Trackers Waterproof?

Different waterproof fitness trackers are available in the market. Various companies have launched “waterproof” and “water-resistant” fitness trackers. Those waterproof devices can even track your strokes while swimming. Isn’t it amazing?

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