How To Setup And Sync A Fitbit With iPhone in 2021?

How To Setup And Sync A Fitbit With iPhone?

When I bought a Fitbit, I was setting it up with the help of Google. Then I realized it stated that syncing Fitbit with my phone was a major step. Since all the measurements and monitoring were done by Fitbit itself, I thought syncing was optional only. But when I researched more, I found syncing my Fitbit with my iPhone was essential. So in this article, I will share with you how to sync a Fitbit with your iPhone and why it is important. Also, at the end of this article, I will provide you with ways to troubleshoot when the Fitbit doesn’t sync with your iPhone.

Basically, you can synchronize your Fitbit with your iPhone by first connecting Fitbit and iPhone via Bluetooth. Then add your Fitbit device to your Fitbit app and allow syncing manually or for the whole day.

Why Is Syncing Necessary?

Syncing a Fitbit with your iPhone in the process of transferring data from your Fitbit to your Fitbit app and Fitbit server. Simply, this process transfers data from your Fitbit to your Fitbit app via Bluetooth, and then it transfers from the app to the Fitbit database via Wifi.

Syncing Provides You Following Advantages

  1. Access and monitor your health statistics easily through your phone.
  2. Manually access and track different features that Fitbit isn’t capable of doing.
  3. Send data like alarm and fitness targets back to your Fitbit device.
  4. Get notified when your health problems are detected. To be precise, the Fitbit Company notifies its users of some Fitbit models when irregular heart rhythm data are detected. Even they connect the users with doctors. Would it be possible without syncing?
  5. Get information about the app and notifications in your Fitbit Fitness Trackers or Fitbit Smartwatches.

Things Required For Syncing

Since you know that the syncing process is essential, you might want to know what you need for syncing. These are things you need for syncing:

  • iPhone 5s or above
  • A Fitbit 
  • Fitbit App
  • Wifi

How To Sync A Fitbit With iPhone?

You can sync your Fitbit with your iPhone with a few easy steps. Here we provide some steps to sync Fitbit with your iPhone for the first time or resync it with the iPhone synced previously.

Syncing For The First Time- How To Sync A Fitbit With iPhone?

If you are syncing your iPhone with your brand new Fitbit device, this section is for you.

If you have never synced your device to your iPhone, then you can follow the following steps:

Step 1: Connect Fitbit With Your iPhone

 You can follow the following steps to connect your Fitness Tracker with your iPhone:

  1. Turn your Fitbit on.
  2. Turn the Bluetooth of the iPhone on.

Wondering how? Here you go:

  • Go to settings.
  • Select Bluetooth.
  • Slide toggle on.

 Your Fitness tracker will be displayed on “Available Devices.”

 select it.

Step 2: Set up your Fitbit

 -Go to Fitbit App.

 -Tap on the Account tab.

 -Click on “+Setup A Device.”

 -Select your Fitbit Model.

 -Select Setup.

 -Agree to the Terms And Conditions.

-Features of Charger will appear; click on “Next.”

Step 3: Enter The 4 Digit Code To Your Phone

While connecting for the first time, you will receive a 4 digit code on your Fitbit. You must enter the code on your iPhone.If the connection is successful, your watch will show a “tick mark” on your phone. You will receive a “Bluetooth pairing request.” Click on “pair.” 

You will also receive a wifi connection request. Accept that. Connecting wifi to your Fitbit will help firmware updates and help download apps from the Fitbit gallery.

Step 4: Final Setup

Your phone will show some features of your Fitbit, learn that and click on “Next” until you reach the “Account Page” again. It will also show you that your Fitbit is successfully connected to your iPhone.

Step 5: Sync All Day

To keep your app up to date, it is necessary to sync it all day. We know that Fitbit can record your health stats 24/7. When you turn 

“Sync All Day” toggle on; this makes your app update stats to your app many times a day. When you are directed to the “Account Page,” where you will see your device connected. Click on your Fitbit and scroll down until you see the “All-Day Sync” toggle, turn it on.

Your syncing process is successful.

Syncing To Previously Connected Devices-

How To Sync A Fitbit With iPhone?

If you have paired your phone to your Fitbit at least once before, it is even easier to sync. Check these easy steps out:

Step 1: Connect Fitbit With Your iPhone Via Bluetooth

Step 2: Set Up Your Fitbit

  •  Open the Fitbit app
  •  Click on the “Account” tab
  •  Choose your Tracker

Step 3: Sync All Day

 When you choose your tracker, you will see a page where settings and information about the Fitbit are present. Scroll Down and turn on the toggle of “All-Day Sync.”

You also have the option to manually sync your Fitbit. You just need to tap on the “Sync Now” option on the same page. In the latest updates and in newer Fitbits, you do not have the option to switch off the “Sync all Day ” option.

Alternative Syncing To Phones Tablets And iPads

Fitbit continuously tracks our health data 24/7. When you enable “All-Day Sync,” the Fitbit syncs with the app multiple times throughout the day. So, the device you sync should be such that you interact it frequently throughout your day. Most of the time, you use your phones, tablets, or iPads, which are easily portable anywhere. But what if your phone crashed or needs maintenance? Will you miss the syncing feature? You will be happy to know you can even sync your Fitbit to your laptop or computer.

If you have to work on a computer for the whole day, syncing a Fitbit to your computer can also be a good idea. For syncing, you will need the following things:

  1. Mac or any computer with at least Windows 8.1 operating system
  2. Fitbit Connect app on your computer
  3.  BLE support on your computer OR Fitbit Bluetooth Dongle

Troubleshooting Syncing Problems

Sometimes, the Fitbit appears with syncing problems. When Fitbit is connected to your mobile phone and app, it records your health statistics regularly. But when it isn’t synced, the stats may be stored in Fitness Tracker only. It is necessary to solve this issue. Here we suggest some ways to help you sync your Fitbit to your phone again:

Charge Your Fitbit And iPhone

One of the major reasons for Fitbit not syncing is not having an adequate battery on your phone or Fitbit. When you have less battery on your iPhone, it can direct the phone towards “Low Battery Mode.” Enabling such a mode also prevents Fitbit from syncing.

So, for proper and continuous syncing, charging both Fitbit and our phone is mandatory. Hence, make sure both of your devices are adequately charged for the whole day.

Update Your Fitbit App And Fitbit Device

The Fitbit Company updates and brings new changes in its application and devices periodically. Therefore, you need to update to the latest version of the app for proper syncing. Sometimes, when you use older versions of the app, there may be problems in syncing.

Make Sure Fitbit App Is Running In The Background

If you don’t know, let me tell you, the Fitbit and iPhone sync only when the Fitbit app is running in the background. The Fitbit app may not be running in the background due to the following two reasons:

  • When you “Hard Close” the app
  • The mobile operation has stopped due to low memory or battery

 Make sure you keep the app running in the background for proper and continuous syncing.

Fix Bluetooth Issues

Keep your Fitbit device and your iPhone in the Bluetooth connectivity range. They can be connected at a maximum range of up to 15 to 20 feet only.

Foremost, you need to make sure your phone and Fitbit are connected via Bluetooth.

Wait? Have you turned the Bluetooth on?

Update Your iPhones Operating System

To sync your Fitbit to your android phone, you will need the latest version of the Apple operating system. Upgrading to your latest operating system can help sync your phone with Fitbit.

Confirm that you fix all the above-mentioned problems. These are major issues, but if you are still having problems, these small procedures can assist you:

Sync To A Single Device At Once

You can connect to multiple devices with your Fitbit Fitness Tracker. But when multiple devices like phone and tablet or phone and laptop are in range, then it may be a reason for not syncing. To assure that multiple devices aren’t in range, and if they are, make sure the Bluetooth of only a single device is turned on.

Restart Your iPhone And Fitbit 

As we restart the computer when it misbehaves or stops working appropriately, it’s the same with your phone and Fitbit. You can restart any one or both of the devices to troubleshoot this problem.

Turn Bluetooth On And Off 

The simple process of turning Bluetooth off and then turning it on again can help to sync Fitbit to your phone. To turn off the Bluetooth, go to “Settings” and then to “Bluetooth” and switch the toggle on and off.

Verify that “Airplane Mode” or “Flight Mode” is turned on.

Uninstall And Then Again Install The Fitbit App

When your Fitbit app becomes stubborn and refuses to sync with the Fitbit Fitness Tracker or Smartwatches, then you must also be a little harsh and uninstall it. Once you remove the app from your device, you can again install it from the Apple Appstore.

Remove All The Connected Devices

We connect AirPods, speakers, Fitbits, and many other devices through Bluetooth. When there are many “connected” devices, the Fitbit can deny syncing with your iPhone. So, what you can do is remove all the devices from the “connected” list and connect your Fitbit again.


We all are aware of how important it is to sync your Fitbit with your phone. Don’t let syncing problems hinder you from enjoying a lot of amazing features. Use the above-mentioned solutions to fix your syncing issues.

 While you sync, a lot of data are transferred from your Fitbit to your phone and vice versa. You can transfer your health stats from Fitbit Tracker to the Fitbit app. And you can allow notifications and updates from your Fitbit app to your Fitbit. Therefore, fasten your syncing problems and enjoy your Fitbit features to the fullest.

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