How To Setup And Sync Fitbit With Android in 2021?

How To Setup And Sync Fitbit With Android?

When I bought my first Fitbit, the first thing I learned was to turn it on and off. When I asked my friends, they told me to sync it. On first thought, I wondered why to sync? So, I did some research on why it is necessary to sync. Also, I learned how to sync my Fitbit with my android phone. In this article, you will find ways to sync Fitbit with Android and ways to troubleshoot when Fitbit isn’t syncing.

Syncing your Fitbit with an android phone is a very easy task. You just need to connect your phone to Fitbit via Bluetooth. Then you should open the Fitbit application and add your fitness tracker. As simple as that!!

Why Is It Important To Sync Fitbit With Your Phone?

In simple words syncing is the process of transferring the data of your Fitbit device to your Fitbit dashboard and then to the Fitbit server. The Fitbit dashboard is the place where you can access your health statistics.

During this syncing process, the data in your fitness tracker is transferred to your Fitbit app on your mobile via Bluetooth, and then it is transferred to Fitbit’s database via wifi.

So, when you don’t sync your Fitbit to your phone, the data can’t be stored for a longer period. So, you cannot see your 7 days average data or average data of your month. Without analyzing data of some days, you cannot make sure if your health is totally fine!! You don’t sync means you cannot connect your Fitbit app to your phone. There are some features you can only access through the app; you will be deprived of that. Also, you cannot set your daily or weekly targets. As a result, you may forget your targets!! 

What Do You Need For Syncing Fitbit With Android?

You will need the following things to sync your Fitbit with your android phone:

  1. A Fitbit Fitness Tracker
  2. An android phone with Bluetooth 4.0
  3. Fitbit application
  4. WIFI 

How To Sync Fitbit With Android Phone?

To sync your Fitbit with android does not take a lot of your time or effort. It can be done easily with a few easy steps. Here we present an easy step by step guide to syncing your Fitbit with an Android phone:

Sync Fitbit With Your Phone For The First Time

If you are new to Fitbit or your Android phone, you can follow the following steps. This helps you to sync the Fitbit with your android phone:

  1.  Turn on your Fitness Tracker.
  2.  Turn the Bluetooth of your android phone on and connect your Fitbit to the phone.
  3.  Open the Fitbit app, Fitbit app dashboard will appear.
  4.  Tap on the account icon. It can be on the top or bottom corner of your phone.
  5.  Tap on “Setup a device.”
  6.  A list of Fitbit devices will appear, tap on your Fitbit Device.
  7.  Tap on “Setup”
  8.  Read the terms and policies and select “I Agree.”
  9.  Tap “Next.”
  10. You will receive a numeric code on your Fitbit, put that in your phone.
  11.  Click on Next on every page until it brings you back to “Account.”
  12.  Click on your device. Turn the “All Day Sync” toggle on.

Now, you have successfully synced the Fitbit device. After this process, your Fitbit should routinely sync to your background.

Sync With The Device Already Synced Before

If you have synced your Fitbit with your device at least once before, you can follow the following steps:

  1.  Turn on your Fitness Tracker.
  2.  Turn the Bluetooth of your android phone on and connect your Fitbit to the phone.
  3.  Open the Fitbit app, Fitbit app dashboard will appear.
  4.  Tap on the account icon.
  5.  Select your Fitbit.
  6.  Turn the “All Day Sync” toggle on.

Can I Sync My Fitbit To The Computer?

What if your phone breaks down or needs maintenance? Does it mean you will be deprived of syncing your Fitbit? Well, the answer is “No.” You will be happy to know that you can even sync your Fitbit on your computer.

You can connect your Fitbit to your Mac or any computer with at least Windows 8.1 operating system. You will need to download the “Fitbit Connect ” program there. We will need BLE support on our computer or laptop. But if it isn’t available on your computer, then you can use the Fitbit Bluetooth Dongle too.

Having Problems In Syncing? Reasons For Not Syncing The Fitbit

Even though you try to sync your Fitbit to your phone, it may not sync sometimes. These may be some of the reasons:

Fitbit App Is Not Running In The Background

For continuous syncing, your Fitbit app must be running in your background 24/7. Fitbit app won’t run in the background due to two reasons:

  •  When you “Hard Close” the app.
  •  The mobile operation has stopped due to low memory or battery.

Low Battery In Fitbit Or Your Android Phone

When you don’t have an adequate charge on your phone or Fitbit Fitness Tracker, the system stops from syncing. When the battery is low, your phone turns on into “Low Battery Mode.” In this situation also Fitbit won’t sync. 

Fitbit App Is Not Upgraded

Sometimes, your Fitbit isn’t connected to your phone because you haven’t updated to the latest version of the Fitbit app. Fitbit company updates its app frequently, so the older version of the app may cause a problem in syncing.

Bluetooth Connectivity Range

We know that Bluetooth connects to a certain range only. The two devices to be connected should be at a maximum range of up to 15 to 20 feet. So, keeping a Fitbit and mobile phone in a far distance can be a reason for not syncing.

Your phone Doesn’t Run In The Latest Version Of Android OS.

To sync your Fitbit and android phone, your phone must have the latest version of the Android Operating system. The absence of it can cause connectivity problems.

How To Troubleshoot This Problem?

When you connect Fitbit to your mobile phone and app, it records your health statistics regularly. But when you don’t sync, the stats may be stored in Fitness Tracker only. When the Fitness Tracker does not sync, people may think they need to replace it with a new one. But wait!! Doing some easy actions may again re-sync your Fitbit to your phone. Check these out:

Upgrade Your Mobile Operating System and Fitbit App

To sync your Fitbit to your android phone, you will need the latest version of the Android operating system. Upgrading to your latest operating system can help sync your phone with Fitbit.

Also, the Fitbit company updates the app periodically. So you need to make sure you update your Fitbit app. 

Make sure both Fitbit and phone are charged.

Before starting your day, make sure that both your phone and Fitbit device are fully charged. This helps to retain the battery for the whole day; when any one of them has a low battery, then it doesn’t sync. Also, make sure you do not turn on the “Low Battery Mode” on your phone. Even this prevents your phone from syncing.

Keep the Fitbit app running in the background.

When the Fitbit app is running in the background, it syncs periodically with your Fitbit. It updates your stats and makes sure you are notified of the latest updates available. Upon “Force stopping” your app, it doesn’t run in the background. Sometimes the operating system stops it from running in the background due to low battery or low memory. Check it and keep it running in the background.

Keep Fitbit And Android Phone In Connectivity Range

For Fitbit and Android phones to sync, it requires a Bluetooth connection. As we know, two devices can be connected via Bluetooth only when they are in a closer range, keeping them near is mandatory for Fitbit and phone to sync.

Primarily, you need to make sure your phone and Fitbit are connected via Bluetooth.

Even after following all the above steps, if your Fitbit isn’t still synced to your android phone, then let us suggest some more actions:

Sync To Only One Device At Once

Sometimes you may be using multiple devices to synchronize data of your Fitbit. It may be your phone and tablet or phone and laptop or any other device. When you have connected multiple devices in your Fitbit and all of them are in Bluetooth range, the problem may occur.

So, to overcome this, you need to sync only one device at once. If you have synced multiple devices, make sure only one is in the Bluetooth range. Or, you can switch off Bluetooth from other devices.

Restart Your Fitbit and Phone 

Restarting your Fitbit can solve your syncing problems. There are various ways to restart; it all depends on the model of Fitbit. As we restart the computer when it becomes slow or hangs, it is the same with Fitbit.

Disable Wifi

When both wifi and Bluetooth are connected, it can cause problems. So during the syncing process, when wifi is also connected, it can hinder Bluetooth connectivity.

You can switch the wifi on again once your data is transferred to your app. Enabling wifi will transfer data to the Fitbit office’s database.

Hard Reset

This is the ultimate process you can perform when the Fitbit doesn’t sync.

Firstly, you need to “force close” the Fitbit app and start again.

Secondly, turn off the Bluetooth and turn it on again.

Thirdly, uninstall the Fitbit app and download it again. Log in to your account again.

Lastly, remove all the connected devices from your phone and connect your Fitbit again.

Last Words

Syncing your Fitbit to the phone is very, very essential to utilize your Fitbit to the fullest. You will miss many of the functions when you don’t sync it with your phone. When you sync, you will receive your stats on your smartphone. Also, you can even retrieve your stats of previous months from the Fitbit database.

The Syncing process is easy and important. So, synchronize your android phone with your Fitbit fitness tracker and keep your health on track. I hope you found this article helpful. Now sync your Fitbit and enjoy the full features.

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