Correct Way to Measure Your Wrist For a Garmin Fitness Tracker

Best Way To Measure Your Wrist For A Garmin Fitness Tracker

Nowadays, everywhere you see, you see technological advancement to ease our daily life. One such development trending these days is the Fitness Tracker. A hand-wear system that can track a combination of steps, running speed, cardiac speeds, swimming laps, and patterns of sleep. There is a variety of Fitness Tracker in the market, from cheap to most luxurious and great features. Garmin has long been a leading figure in the fitness category for the active and adventurous community. In this article, you will get to know how you can measure wrist size before buying the Garmin Fitness Tracker.

Fitness bands connect with a mobile app through Bluetooth that sets up the device and downloads the wearer’s activity data. The majority of Fitness Trackers endorse such physical activities through a fitness app, but trackers prefer to control additional functions. However, the most important factor you will need to consider is the convenient sizes of your tracker.

The Garmin Fitness Trackers comes in sizes from small to large. As a result, you will need to measure the exact size that will be perfect for you. It might be confusing to measure your wrist size, but it is very important.

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Why Do You Need To Measure Wrist Before Buying A Fitness Tracker?

Many people who are highly conscious about their health wear fitness trackers. You need to wear your fitness trackers as much as you can to get the most of it. This includes wearing them while you work, move around, sleep, workout, etc. When you do this, it will monitor your daily moves and analyze the data by synchronizing with your mobile or laptop.

Wearing the fitness tracker for most of your day can become easy at some point, especially if you are wearing an unstable and wrong size tracker. The tracker you are wearing will be comfortable around your wrist only when you are wearing the right size. Thus, you must measure your wrist size before fitness trackers.

Additionally, Garmin Fitness Trackers have sensors that monitor your heart rate, sleep schedule, etc. If you want the best reading of your data with accurate analysis, then you need to measure your wrist before purchasing.

How Can You Measure Your Wrist?

Fortunately, the Garmin Fitness Tracker comes in two standard sizes. The tracker splits wrist sizes down based on their circumference (the distance beyond your wrist) and links them to the various sizes of items.

The two standard sizes are regular and x-large. The fact that there is no medium or small size is a little unusual. Nonetheless, you will be able to measure your wrist from the chart provided by Garmin. You will need to print the chart. Even if you do not have a printer, then there is another way.

Just take a string and loop it around your wrist. Make sure it is snug, but not too tight. Label the point where your handle meets the two ends of the string. Measure the distance between one end of the string and the indicated point.

The general regular wrist size of the Garmin Fitness Tracker has a circumference of 5.4 inches to 7.4 inches (i.e., 136 mm to 187 mm). At the same time, the x-large size will fit the wrist size of the circumference of 7.1 inches to 8.8 inches (i.e., 180 mm to 221 mm).

Which Garmin Fitness Tracker Wrist Size Is Right?

“Select the size that fits your wrist tightly”, says Garmin’s size guides. Furthermore, the band should ideally fit two fingers above the wrist bone in order to ensure the accuracy of the heart rate monitor.

Garmin further advises you to select the bigger size if you think you are at the upper limits of the standard size range. One thing else that should be taken into account is that the band of Vivosmart HR is adjustable, much like a watch band.

Yet, if you are still uncertain, it is best to purchase a fitness tracker that secures your wrist and use one that has adjustable bands.

Steps To Determine Your Wrist Size

When you decide to invest in a new fitness tracker from Garmin, all you have to do is choose one that best fits your needs. The good news is that there are many excellent choices. Regardless of the name and features, you will have to make sure that you have the right number.

The following determines the general guideless measure the wrist size before buying a Garmin Fitness Tracker. Keep reading for further information.

Step 1: Follow The Size Guide

The size guide for the regular size and the x-large size, as mentioned above, are also present in the official Garmin Website. For different Garmin Fitness Trackers such as Garmin Vivosmart HR, Garmin Vivoactive HR, Garmin Vivosmart 4, Garmin Vivofit 4, etc.

Step 2: Print Out The Size Guide

Once you open the size guide, you will see a line drawn for the regular size (R) and the extended line for x-large size (XL). Along with the line block, you will see the dotted line below marking where you can cut.

Print out the size guide at page size 100%. You will need to cut the line block along the dotted lines. The size guide also consists of the measurements in inches and mm.

Step 3: Alternative To Print [If You Don’t Have Printer]

Not all of us have printers at home or on standby. You can still measure the wrist size without the printer. All you need is a piece of string. Open the size guide page at 100%. Then, measure the string along the line block present on the page.

Once you think the string has reached your suitable size, mark the string and cut it at that point. The string size you will get can easily use as a guideline to determine the band size of the fitness tracker.

Step 4: Wrap The Cut Line Block

If you printed the line block and cut it, then you can wrap the paper along your wrist. In case you measure with a piece of string then, you should wrap the string along your wrist.

The line block or the string you use should fit just perfectly around your wrist. Make sure that it feels snug around your wrist but not too tight.

Step 5: Mark The Point

Once you feel like you have got your precise size, you should mark it. Label the point of the string between the two ends.

Step 6: Measure The Marked Point

Get a measuring tape and measure the one end of the string to the point you marked. There you have it! You will get your precise wrist measurement for any Garmin Fitness Trackers before buying.

Wrist Sizes For Few Garmin Fitness Trackers

Gamin has produced some of the finest fitness trackers. Additionally, for the benefit of the users, Garmin also published the size guides. Anyone who is interested in purchasing the fitness tracker can use these instructions.

Here, I have added some of the popular Garmin Fitness Trackers with their sizes and some of the features.

Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker

This feature-packed fitness tracker is ideal for people with wide wrists as the XL version is rarely available on the market for most trackers. The Garmin Vivosmart HR fitness tracker shows all the important details you need to monitor your progress.

The regular wrist size for the Garmin Vivosmart comes with the circumference between 5.4 inches to 7.4 inches (137 mm to 18mm). For those who think the regular size is not enough, this comes with an x-large band whose circumference is between 7.1 inches to 8.8 inches (180 mm to 221 mm).

Garmin Vivofit 3 Activity Tracker

The Garmin Vivofit3 is an excellent option for people with larger wrists, with an adjustable strap. Since this fitness tracker has an adjustable band, even the users with a smaller wrist will be able to use it. This is a highly sophisticated device, and its ability to automatically identify and classify various types of behaviors is one of the system’s most terrible features.

The Garmin Vivofit fitness tracker comes with the writs size of two categories: Small Band, Large Band. The wrist circumference of the small band comes between 4.7 inches to 6.9 inches (120 mm to 175 mm). On the other hand, the circumference of a large band lies between 6.5 inches to 8.9 inches (165 mm to 225 mm).

Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS Smart Watch

This one is a smartwatch with plenty of cool features and an integrated GPS, a heart rate sensor, and a very good look of a touchscreen compared to the first two wristbands. Vivoactive HR is a strong fitness tracker built for both sports enthusiasts and those who need a serious exercise monitoring system.

The Garmin Vivoactive HR also comes in two categories The Regular Band and The X-Large Band. The circumference between 5.39 inches to 7.68 inches (137 mm to 195 mm) is for the Regular Band category. Likewise, for the X-Large Band size, the circumference is between 6.38 inches to 8.86 inches (161 mm to 225 mm).

Are Garmin Fitness Tracker Bands Interchangeable?

Yes, there are certain Garmin Fitness Tracker products whose bands are interchangeable. You will be able to accessorize the band style according to your style and interest. Some of the available interchangeable bands come in Garmin Vivofit, Vivoactive QuickFit Bands, and Quick Release Bands.

You can change the bands by following steps mentioned below:

  1. Slide the pin for quick release. Remove the band from the spring bar.
  2. Please position a spring bar side in the unit for the new band.
  3. Slide the quick release pin and place the spring bar against the other foot.
  4. To substitute the other band, repeat steps 1 through 3.


There are no hectic steps involved to measure the wrist before buying a Garmin Fitness Tracker. You will only have to follow 4 basic steps, and that is all.

  1. Print the guide out at 100%. If you calculate the 1 inch or 10 mm lines in the guide, you will know that the printed data is accurate.
  2. The next step is to cut along the dotted line present under the line band in the guide.
  3. Place the paper band around the wrist, above your wrist bone, to measure where you wear the product. Make sure the arrow on the line band is up.
  4. Pick the size that fits snugly in your wrist. Consider selecting the smaller size if you are close to the gap between sizes.


Finally, I want to share my own experience with an unfitting fitness tracker. I am a regular user of fitness trackers, and it plays a great role in my daily life. A few years ago, I went on a trekking adventure with my friends. The fitness tracker I was wearing at the time was a gift, so it was not in my accurate size. I had problems tracking the steps and heart rate, and since the fitness tracker was too loose for me, I lost it somewhere on the trek and did not even realize it.

Therefore, it is very important to measure your wrist size before buying a Garmin Fitness Tracker or any other Fitness Tracker. Doing this will give you accurate readings and a secure grip, and you will not lose it as I did.

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