Lintelek Fitness Tracker Review: Affordable And High-Tech Tracker [2021 Updated]

lintelek fitness tracker

Believe me, choosing a luxury item such as a fitness tracker can be very hard and confusing. The fitness tracker market is crowded and competitive, with the presence of big brands such as Samsung, Garmin, and Xiaomi. Moreover, you are flooded with various choices of different models of trackers consisting of similar high-tech features and specs. But, the affordability and price factor plays a major role in the buying decision. While talking about the affordability and price factor, the brand that comes to my mind is Lintelek.

Lintelek’s fitness trackers come with an incredibly low-price cost and fairly good features. As a result, Lintelek’s ID115HR series is considered to be one of the most affordable fitness trackers currently available in the market.

Although Lintelek is not as big as the likes of Samsung, Fitbit, and Xiaomi, its inexpensive price deals and features have helped the brand to compete.

What Are The Features Of Lintelek Fitness Tracker?

In this section, we will be discussing in detail the features of Lintelek fitness trackers. The features of the activity tracker are as follows:


Lintelek fitness trackers consist of an OLED display with a 0.96-inch screen along with a 0.86 HD screen display. Thus, the screen seems smaller in size in comparison with other brands offering larger screen displays. 

Moreover, you may have some difficulty having good visuals at a glance due to the small screen size. 

Thankfully, you can increase the brightness while on the outings on a sunny day.

The home button is located below the screen and is visible upon touch. Besides, its function is to wake the screen and browse through the limited number of menu options. 


The Design of the Lintelek fitness band is very simplistic and grounded. Also, you will find the heart rate sensor at the back of the tracker, which is dust and sweat resistant like in most other trackers. 

Moreover, The tracker’s strap is made of thermoplastic silicone rubber and feels comfortable around the wrist. It also consists of an aluminum band buckle to lock the band safely on the wrist.

In addition, you will get 5 color ranges of straps from Lintelek for their fitness trackers. The colors form the color range include:

  • Black
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green

Lintelek’s fitness trackers are not as flashy and fashionable as Fitbits, Honor, and Huawei’s fitness trackers. But, I felt a type of classy vibe upon seeing the Lintelek’s Fitness trackers for the first time.


Lintelek fitness trackers provide you with the feature of being water-resistant. In detail, the fitness tracker brand claims an IP67 rating.

Now, you must be wondering about what is an IP67 rating. Well, the tracker having an IP67 rating simply means that you can drop the device in water up to a meter. But, the device can not withstand being underwater for about half an hour. 

Therefore, the tracker can be worn during a short period of contact with the water, like washing dishes or outside in the rain.

However, I will not recommend wearing a Lintelek fitness tracker while in activities like deep diving, swimming, and surfing.

Battery And Charging

Lintelek fitness trackers consist of Lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of just 65 mah. On the contrary, you may know in comparison with other brands offering a battery capacity of 125 mah, 65 mah is considerably very low.

 As a result, Low battery capacity means low battery life. Thus, Lintelek fitness trackers only have a battery life that averages 5 to 7 days.

Furthermore, you have to separate the strap from the band to locate the charging USB plug to connect to the charger having the USB port. 

I, for one, consider this charging method a nuisance because if you mess up the process, the charging port can break.

Sports Modes

You are getting 14 dynamic sports modes in the Lintelek fitness tracker. Granted that, these sport modes will help you to get the necessary metric data on your fitness activity. Furthermore, the available sports modes will motivate you and help you carry on with your progress. 

You will also find an interesting feature in the tracker in the form of a smart alarm system. Alarms go off, reminding you to take a break from your fitness sessions. Besides, the alarm time is customizable as per your timing.

You can achieve better tracking of progress by connecting the Lintelek tracker with its app called VeryFitPro on your mobile platforms. Accordingly, I highly recommend you connect the band with your phone during your fitness activity.

The following are the 14 sports mode the Lintelek fitness tracker provides:

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Yoga
  • Jogging
  • Hiking
  • Treadmill
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Mountaineering
  • Dynamic cycling
  • Dancing
  • Walking
  • Fitness 

Sleep Monitoring

Lintelek Fitness trackers consist of a sleep monitoring feature. Specifically, the device consists of an accelerometer sensor and a heart rate monitoring system, which helps in analyzing sleep.

You can analyze your sleep patterns with this fitness tracker. Besides, having the sleep data on your wrist, you will benefit by gaining the ability to better manage your routine and discovering rest stealing problems.

Just wear the band on the wrist while you sleep, and the device will start analyzing after 30 minutes of inactivity. Furthermore, I again recommend connecting the device to the fitness app for sleep tracking. 

Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart rate monitoring has become one of the common but important features in a fitness tracker. Lintelek fitness tracker also consists of a heart rate monitoring feature with a heart rate sensor at the backside of the tracker. 

The fitness tracker monitors your heart rate every 5 minutes in a 24 hours time period. You can keep track of any irregular changes to your heartbeat while you engage in any activity or while resting.

I found that the heart rate monitoring also has integration with the smart alarm in the Lintelek fitness tracker. If you surpass the normal heart rate, the alarm automatically sets off.


Lintelek fitness tracker consists of high-tech sensors, which are the cores of its various features and their function. The following are some of the sensors installed in Lintelek fitness trackers:

  • Accelerometer
  • Optical Heart rate monitoring sensor
  • Pedometer

In comparison with other brands, the number of installed sensors in Lintelek fitness trackers is less impressive. But, while you judge this brand, you have to keep in mind that this fitness tracker costs much less than those other brand’s trackers.

Step Counter

You will get your step-counting feature from this tracker as Lintelek consists of an accelerometer and pedometer sensors. Moreover, Lintelek’s step counting is good, and it does not count short walks less than 20 steps for a better step count. 

The reason behind not counting short walks less than 20 steps is to avert reading of casual arm movements. The sensor can confuse your arm movement to your steps. When you are on your journey to losing weight, you do not want false reassurance from the obtained metrics data.

Smart Alerts

The Lintelek fitness tracker consists of a number of alert systems. You will the tracker reminding you of the periods of your inactivity. Similarly, your roommates or your partner will not be disturbed as you will have a silent alarm feature in Lintelek. 

The tracker facilitates notifications from third-party apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. on your tracker’s screen. You will also receive text message notifications. The following are the list of the smart alerts :

  • Sedentary alerts
  • Silent alarm
  • SNS alert
  • SMS alert

Other Features

Lintelek fitness trackers also provide some other useful features along with the core features that will help you in your daily life. The following are the other features:

Remote Camera Shooting

If you are one of those people who like to take a lot of selfies and group photos, then you will love this tracker. Lintelek fitness bands make your phone photography easier through the remote camera shooting feature. In particular, you just have to connect the fitness band with your phone, and all your group selfies and groupies will be easier to capture.

Wrist Sense

The Wrist sense of Lintelek fitness tracker uses the pedometer sensor to measure the activity of your hand. So, when you turn your wrist towards you, the screen lightens up. 

Weather Information

Lintelek has the smart feature of providing weather reports with the help of your phone. Likewise, the fitness band will automatically sync with your phone to give the weather report after successful pairing.

You can also change the temperature unit with the app under the Bluetooth connection state as per your convenience. So, better have a look at your wrist to check the weather condition before heading out.

Ridiculously Low-Price

The low-price deal factor of the Lintelek fitness tracker is its strongest perk in comparison to other brand’s pricing. 

Moreover, the price of a Lintelek fitness tracker is $25.98. If you are a buyer having a low budget fitness tracker with a simple and high-tech feature, then Lintelek is your go-to.

Connected GPS  

Lintelek does not have a GPS embedded in the fitness tracker. But, it has a connected GPS feature which enables you to use GPS after connecting with your mobile phone. Furthermore, the analysis of your activity speed, distance, mapping of the route will be easier. 

Specifications Of The Lintelek Fitness Tracker

NameLintelek ID115HR 
Display 0.96-inch OLED touch screen
Material UsedThermoplastic Polyurethane(TPU) strap

Aluminum strap buckle

DimensionBody dimension: 5.4 inches to 7.6 inches

Body net weight:23.8 g

Adjustable length: 137mm to 193 mm

Water resistanceYes. IP67 Waterproof
Heart Rate MonitorYes
Spo2 Sensor
Sleep TrackerYes
Battery65 mAh (Lithium-ion polymer)

7-day battery life with HR Off

5-day battery life with HR On

ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
Sync Range6 ft+
Supported SystemAndroid 4.4 or IOS 7.1 and above
In the BoxLintelek smart tracker x 1

User manual x 1

Other FeaturesPedometer


Vibration motor

What Are The Compatible OS Of Lintelek Fitness Tracker?

The Lintelek fitness tracker supports both the Android mobile platforms as well as the IOS mobile platforms. Specifically, Lintelek supports mobile phones having Android 4.4, IOS 7.1, and above. On the contrary, the fitness tracker currently does not support the Windows mobile platform. 

As a result, the Android and iPhone users will not have any difficulty operating the band by connecting to their phones. But, if you are a Windows phone user, the fitness tracker will not support your devices. 

Is Lintelek Fitness Tracker Worth The Purchase?

The Lintelek Fitness tracker is in no way the best fitness tracker that you will find in the market. Similarly, it is also not the most inferior fitness tracker in the market. 

With the number of features the brand is providing you along with such a ridiculously affordable price deal, it is a true bargain. The following pointers will help you to make an informed decision.

Buy Lintelek If You Are Expecting 

The following are some reasons why the Lintelek fitness trackers are worth the purchase:

Low-End Budget Fitness Band

Till now, I guess you must know-how much affordable the Lintelek fitness band is. Due to which, if you want to own a fitness band but have a smaller budget, you will feel buying the tracker is worth your money.

Fitness Band With Simple Features

If you are looking for a fitness band consisting of basic but high-tech features, then the Lintelek fitness tracker is very suitable for your convenience. Due to the available features, the price of the tracker is also justifiable.

Do Not Buy Lintelek If You Are Expecting

The following are some reasons why the Lintelek fitness trackers are not worth the purchase:

Variety Of Features

You will not find the worth of purchasing the Lintelek fitness tracker if you expect a variety of impressive features from the device. Compared to other fitness trackers like Samsung, Xiaomi, Fitbit, Honor, Garmin, etc., Lintelek has a very less number of tracking features.

Stylish And Customizable Design

The design of the Lintelek fitness tracker is plain and simple. Although the device does provide five color varieties, customizing the strap of the tracker is not currently available. So, if you are expecting a flashy and attractive design, the Lintelek fitness tracker is not for you.  

High Product Quality

Lintelek is a low-cost fitness tracker, one of the main reasons for its low price is the use of device parts in manufacturing that are not high-quality. Similarly, the high-quality parts are costly and add to the value chain of the device.

Larger Screen

The display touch screen size of the Lintelek fitness tracker is smaller than most of the trackers available in the market. You will have some difficulty while having your quick glances on the fitness tracker.

Longer Battery Life

The Lintelek fitness tracker is not for you if you are seeking a fitness tracker having longer battery life. You will have to keep charging the device every once in 6 days. 

Does Lintelek Have A Fitness App?

Yes, Lintelek consists of a fitness app called the VeryFit app in which the tracker syncs all the fitness activity data. Likewise, the app is very simple and effortless to operate and navigate. The home page of the app shows an overview of your activities, sleep monitoring data, and heart rate data.

Furthermore, you will have the choice to adjust the basic setting and go into further pages consisting of more details. The app is easy to go through the menu by scrolling.

Besides, the data transfer from the fitness tracker to the band only takes 10 seconds. So, the connection between the fitness band and the fitness app seems to be solid.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the frequently asked questions by the customers:

How To Change Sports Mode On VeryFit Pro App?

You can change the sports/activity mode on VeryFit Pro app through the following steps:

Remove Sports Mode

  • First, you open the VeryFit app.
  • Then tap Device > More > Activity Display.
  • Hold the sports mode that you want to remove and tap Delete.

Add Sports Mode

  • First, open the VeryFit app.
  • Tap the Plus button located at the top right of the app.
  • Tap the sports mode you want to add and also tap the Tick button.
  • Go back to the main page and scroll down to begin sync, and your sports mode will be available.

Do Lintelek Fitness trackers Come With A Charger?

No, the Lintelek Fitness tracker does not come with a charger. You are getting a USB charger plug on the device itself. Besides, you must remove the strap to locate the USB plug and insert it in any charger containing the USB port and begin charging.

Moreover, I found having a USB plug for charging is an advantage because you can charge the tracker on your PC, laptop, or phone charger.

How To Sync A Lintelek Fitness Tracker?

The Synchronization of a Lintelek Fitness Tracker requires you to follow the following steps:

  • Download and install the VeryFitPro app on your mobile device from Appstore or Playstore.
  • Through the VeryFitPro app, search for your Lintelek device. You must switch ON your mobile device’s Bluetooth while maintaining a distance of 10 feet.
  • Follow the instructions provided on the screen to complete the pairing.
  • After the completion of the pairing, you will be taken to the home screen of the app.
  • Access to the fitness tracker information can be obtained in the Device option on the home screen.
  • At last, your Lintelek fitness tracker will be in sync.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, I think Lintelek trackers in no way can be considered a crown jewel of the fitness tracker market. You will find lots of better trackers that give you more interesting features and attractive designs.

But, there are few things I liked about Lintelek fitness trackers like its low price and affordability, comfortable feel around the wrist, lightweight, step count accuracy, smart notifications, and simple and easy functionality.

Furthermore, I would also like to point out with everything that this particular fitness tracker offers; it certainly is one of the better fitness trackers currently in the market.

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