Jawbone Up Discontinued: How did it Work?

Jawbones Fitness Trackers

Jawbone Up fitness trackers are the unique brand of activity checkers that are combined with an app that can check your sleep, diet, and physical activity. They are quality smart bands in the world of technology.

It even makes you fall for its undeniable qualitative idle alerts. Also, they actually get you to act upon those activities to become healthy and fit, fulfilling the main purpose of your purchase.

Not only all these features, but it also gave motivational coaching with its smart coach features!

This article will assist you in knowing the trackers’ functionality in the past. In addition, it will also shed light on frequently asked questions about jawbone activity trackers.

When Did Jawbone Discontinue?

In 2016, Jawbone stopped its production. Moreover, it sold its remaining stock to third-party resellers. In 2017, the company was liquidated. However, the servers and apps worked till 2018.

In the mid of 2018, the functionality of apps and support of previous devices became uncertain in the future.

Even after the company liquidated in 2018, it continued to provide the remaining of its inventory for quite a time. Major markets like Amazon, eBay, etc. sold Jawbone bands. They were, however, instructed to check any inconvenience that it could cause to the customers.

What Happened to Jawbone Fitness Trackers?

Jawbone Fitness Trackers were a revolutionary designed easy to wear wrist bands. These bands hyped their sales upon release for the first few years.

Then, what happened to Jawbone Fitness Trackers?

As a matter of fact, if the world of technology was not evolving continuously, you would still be using Jawbone fitness trackers with great comfort and happiness.

Instead, the fitness bands now give more promises to you and track almost every outdoor activity you would want, even with an on-screen display. Jawbone failed to provide you with such changes.

Fitbit Vs. Jawbone

The new king in the world of fitness trackers arrived with Fitbit. It continually promised better tracking of sleep, diet, sports, heart rate, and much more. Moreover, the waterproof design attracted many customers to its use.

However, Jawbone, on the other hand, was not so flexible. Jawbone’s slim design caused dysfunction of the internal parts. In addition to this, it did not give the on-screen display or add to its tracking methods.

You can say that Up24 added automatic sleep tracking upon its release, which seemed like a minor change. With the release of Up3, Jawbone’s image declined hugely as it failed to add up to all the promises made. Jawbone Up3’s under-delivery in 2015 caused the downfall of Jawbone.

All those delayed releases with false promises of waterproof devices (failure in engineering caused them to change their strategy of initiating a waterproof device which they were determined to give) jointly dropped the image of Jawbone.

Fitbit Flex vs. Jawbone Up24 had the neck to neck competition. In contrast, Fitbit Charge HR and Jawbone Up3 had no match in the market.

Jawbone allegedly made charges to Fitbit regarding the theft of trade secrets. But, it was won by Fitbit under finding no evidence of misappropriation.

Definitely, you can now see the rise of Fitbit in the market. It competes with the best brands in the fitness industry, while Jawbone has been liquidated!

What Features did Jawbone Provide?

Jawbone Up series provided its customers with many unique features as well as some common for any fitness bands.

Here are some of the features that the Jawbone could have made you comfortable with.


We can definitely argue about the best design given by Jawbone to its customers. As a matter of fact, Jawbone came to rise because of its unique design and adjustable straps provided to you exclusively.

Even though its features came to a halt in advancement, it has undeniably the best design than most of the smart bands in the market present now.

Adjustable straps

Jawbone bands are meant for wrists of any size. You find that probably a lot easier to adjust the bands as per the size of your wrists without any difficulties.

Whether your wrists are small and big, you will find Jawbone amazingly fit as well as look good on you.

Jawbone App

Jawbone apps are definitely the most spoken about in the market. And why not? Since it provides the best details about your fitness activities, including your step count, calorie count, diet chart, mood tracking, social media integration, and much more. You can even get idle alerts to start working out.

What Does the Jawbone Up App Do?

Jawbone apps get the most out of you. They are efficient apps that give you the best facilities. As a result, Jawbone is nothing without its app. The apps carry out most of the functions of Jawbone as they provide various graphs tracking your activities.

What’s more? You can put in the exercises or workouts that you carried out when you were not wearing the band manually. Moreover, you can categorize it by activity types, effort levels, and durations.

It will then adapt to your total graph.

Idle Alerts

One of the unique features that any smart band can provide is idle alerts. Well, Jawbone was smart enough to know this fact!

Jawbone initiated idle alerts in its series such that it would send you a vibration alert every time you sit in the same position for a long time.

In fact, this is the most effective feature that smart bands can provide to keep you fit and healthy. In this matter, Jawbone foresaw the need of the market and acted accordingly.

It would check your activity now, and then in every fifteen minutes to two hours, send you some alerts about your inactivity.

Of course, you can set the time as per your need of when to start it and when to end. Such a feature will assist you in making it feasible while sleeping to avoid disturbances.

For this, the Up MOVE version does not vibrate but only sends notifications through an app. However, UP, UP24, UP2, and UP3 vibrate as well as send the notification through an app to get you moving and fit.

Activity Data

Similarly, it presents your activity data in a bar graph to the app such that you can check whether your exercises were simple or rigorous. Simply speaking, orange denotes your moderate-intensity activity while your vigorous activity will be dark orange red-colored.

Step Count

Next in line is step count. Nowadays, most of the fitness trackers give you step counts and distance tracking features. This is helpful because you can track how much distance you have covered in an entire day. Not that you cannot do this on your own, but a fitness tracker will give you more accuracy.

Active Time

It is not only essential for you to know how much idle time you are spending. But you should also know the longest time you have been active or idle. This is one of the best ways to track your activities.

One of the advantages is it makes you realize and compare your activities through a specified period. You can now ensure that you are active not for just a day or two but regularly. Eventually, you will become more fit and healthy.

Calories Tracker

An important part of health is how much calories you intake and burn in a day. If you are a person concerned about fitness, you know how much essential calorie count is.

Jawbone trackers help you count the calories you have burnt in a day. Also, it shows you whether they are active or resting calories.

Tracking Sleep

Secondly, a good night’s sleep makes you feel pretty awesome for the entire day. However, if you have had a bad sleep routine, you will gradually grow drowsy and laze out in most of your activities throughout the day.

This is where Jawbone specialized its apps for you. It tracks your sleep like nothing else. The accuracy of sleep tracking of Jawbone is up to a point.

Jawbone uses MotionX sleep tracking technology and amazes you with detailed sleep graphs.

You only have to wear these bands to sleep. UP4, UP2, and UP3 have an automated sleep tracking for your ease while Up MOVE requires you to manually set as well as stop the sleep tracking.

Moreover, it has a detailed analysis of your sleep, including light sleep, deep sleep, times you work up, the total time before you fell asleep, the time you spent on the bed after waking, and much more.

You can even change the time it recorded if it was incorrect in tracking. This is more useful for the Up MOVE since you have to consider doing it manually.

Tracking Diet

It is a fact that:- eating healthy leads to a healthy life. Just tracking calories is not enough. You need to take care of your diet to be fit. In such a case, Jawbone helps you.

Jawbone provided you a feature where you could add meals and drinks. Furthermore, you could do it in three ways. Firstly, by scanning a barcode. Secondly, you could just take a photo to enter into your chart. Lastly, you can add food items through its nutrition value or by searching for a food database.

It works as your food diary, as well as your monitoring friend. What’s more? Your diet gets color-coded according to calories, cholesterol, sugar, protein, salt, saturated and unsaturated fats, as well as fibers used in your food. It can be green to red according to the food you consume.

Even though it proved to be a little complicated health system, you would probably love it as soon as you start understanding how to use it properly.

Mood Tracking

Apart from idle alerts, another unique feature that Jawbone provided in its apps is mood tracking. You can rate your moods from a smiley face to a frowny face.

Workout tracking

For automatic tracking of your working or running activities, Up2, Up3, and Up4 are very helpful. Later you can check a graph with steps, pace, distance, intensity, duration, and calorie burn associated with your activity.

Likewise, you can start the stopwatch and end it while doing any other activity that is not mentioned in the Jawbone app. Then, you can assign it to the activity you are doing.

Eventually, it will create a graph calorie burnt and other statistics in your total. You can even share it with your social media.

Social Media Leaderboard

Jawbone also has features such as the game’s leaderboard. You can check your tracking is in your dashboard as well as compared to others, including your friends and family.

It helps you keep your focus and reach your goal automatically. On the other hand, you can share your achievements/ workout summaries online on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Besides, you can also cooperate with MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness, plus Withings scales and other famous fitness apps.

Smart Coach

Similar to the real-life coach, the smart coach congratulates you on your accomplishments of set goals.

If you are having problems achieving them, it will give you suggestions and encourage you towards the goal. For instance, if you are having trouble with your diet, it will recommend you to have nutritious food that could help you gain better health.

These messages are pretty helpful and motivational.

How Do I Connect My Jawbone Fitness Tracker?

If you are having problems with any of your Jawbone bands, you can contact them on the following links. Even though they have already stopped their services, you can still ask queries regarding it.

Facebook: @jawbone https://www.facebook.com/jawbone

Twitter: @Jawbone https://twitter.com/jawbonesupport

What are The Models Provided by Jawbone?

In the decade that Jawbone had its hands on the market, it was able to launch some great products. The few models that it could launch for you which were later discontinued during or after the production ceased are mentioned as follows:

Jawbone Up 2

Jawbone Up 2 was an attractive band that needed charging every seven days. It would provide you with various activity tracking like automatic sleep and automatic workout detection. It would also give you user Programmable idle alerts that keep you moving throughout the day.

Jawbone Up 3

Keeping up with other fitness trackers, Jawbone also added a feature that would help you to measure your resting heart rate through heart rate sensors. Like Up 2, it will also automatically detect your workout and logs. It has a similar battery life of 7 days. With advanced sleep-tracking and vibration alarm for idle alerts, it was able to gain a lot of market attention.

Jawbone Up 4

With all the features of Jawbone Up3, it was additionally linked to make cashless payment through American Express Card. If cashless payments are not one of your choices, you could use Jawbone Up3 is a smarter choice.

Jawbone Up Move

Unlike other models in the Jawbone UP series, this one has a unique LED watch face display showing your progress, activity, sleep, and time. It is also less expensive and colorful. It has an optional list band that can also be worn on a clip.

Though it has a display, you have to go to the app for graphs and details about your workout and activity. It is a little disappointing that it does not have you a vibrating alarm or alert, unlike other Jawbone up series.

Neither does it have an automatic detection. However, its battery could last six months, which is replaceable. Additionally, it uses Bluetooth to sync wirelessly.

Jawbone Up 24

It is the wristband that tracks your sleep and your idle time to send a vibrating alarm. Besides, it also tracks your activities and makes graphs so you can check it on the app. It is compatible with both your Android and IOS devices and syncs via BlueTooth.

Jawbone Up

This is rather very old among the Up series. It is the second generation of Up that was discontinued from 2014. It is connected to mobile phones through an audio jack.

Why Did My Jawbone Fail?

Jawbone had poor technological pace concerning the other brands in the market. It increasingly started ignoring the failure of its products and denied customer support.

As a result, the downfall increased its pace since many angry customers would not return to the Jawbone, and word of mouth was soon open secret.

It was harder to communicate with the Jawbone and sync data while it had been overspending and over funding its innovation sector. Though, nothing good came out as an end product.

Moreover, it had not proved to be waterproof under high pressures and swimming. This decreased the preference rate of customers very much.

Lastly, Jawbone was liquidated because it could not keep up with the expense with such a small amount of base customers.

Pros and Cons

Since Jawbone was a great competitor to Fitbit in the market at the early rise of fitness bands, it had some positive points as well. Though there are positive points regarding the Jawbone Up series, its negative aspects overshadowed and caused its downfall. Here is what the Jawbone Up series offers you and what it does not.

Positive aspects of Jawbone

Jawbone Up series was a great series with a lot of functions in it. It looked like a band as you are not provided with the display. This is why it is a little unique and fashionable.

The band of Jawbone was quite flexible which is the way you would have loved its appearance and its easy-going nature

Along with it, the Jawbone Fitness Trackers had an app that monitored all your physical activities from your sleep to your diet!

Moreover, it used to send idle alerts every time you would be resting for a long time. These completely helped people who want to be fit and active daily. In fact, that is what fitness bands are for, isn’t it?

If you are looking for easy versions of understanding for the health tips, Jawbone trackers were the one for you. Its apps are easy to use and navigate. It will even provide you with the graphs of your activities, sleep as well as a diet without the use of a desktop or laptop.

Additionally, it functions with a mobile device only.

Negative aspects of Jawbone

With the positive aspects said, there are some negative aspects of the Jawbone series as well. Here, you might have already noticed that the band does not have an on-screen display.

This makes it impossible for you to check your step counts and other activities while working out now and then.

Especially when it is present on your wrist, you might be confused for some time as most fitness bands work differently.

Next, you will have to carry a mobile device with you if you want to check your activity schedules and graphs. Hence, it only works if the app continues to work; else, it becomes completely useless.

For those who want heart rate monitoring, speed, and other performance details, Jawbone is not the best choice to have as it does not have such functions.

Last Words About Jawbone

From the above explanation, you should have understood how the Jawbone used the discontinued series. Moreover, we explained the different models that it provided.

On the other hand, the flawless Jawbone app and its features are explained. To remove any confusion, we have also given you information about why Jawbone stopped its production.

Besides, we have also compared Fitbit and Jawbone together. Like other brands, Jawbone also suggested wearing the band in the opposite wrist of your dominating hand.

We believe that Jawbone could have flourished better if it had made changes in its products as per the market’s need. Although this brand ceases to exist, it has taught many lessons to the coming brands and set examples to the ones that exist in the market now as top brands.

To sum up, you would have loved the Jawbone series if it continued its production for its legacy in unique design, adjustable straps, and inexpensive smart bands.

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