Fitbit: Guide to Connect and Set Up Fitbit with Your iPhone/iPad

Fitbit: Guide to Connect and Set Up Fitbit with Your iPhone/iPad

From steps tracking to calories burn, you can see your daily progress with Fitbit on your wrist. Fitbit is good news for those who want to live a healthier life.

Nonetheless, whether you bought a new Fitbit, or you had one for years, here’s the guide on how to set up and pair your Fitbit, and sync with your iPhone/iPad.

Let’s Get Started

Power Up

After you unpack the device, turn it on by pressing the power button for about 5-10 sec. As, it takes a while to set up and connect the device, so make sure your device is at least half charged. Then, you are good to go.

Download the Fitbit App to Your iPhone/iPad

  1. Turn on your iPhone/iPad and go to the App Store.
  2. Tap on Search Bar and type Fitbit.

Or, simply visit this link:

  1. Tap on the Get or Re-Download The re-download button has a cloud with an arrow facing downwards.
  2. Finally, get the approval through face ID, Touch Id, or by entering a password.

Then, the installation of the Fitbit app is successful.

Sign Up or Log In for Fitbit Account

Now, you will sign up for an account or log in, if you already have an account. If you are creating an account, it will ask you what kind of Fitness Tracker you want to set up so, here you get to choose the Fitbit device model.

  1. First, open Fitbit on your iPhone/iPad.
  2. Tap on Join Fitbit.
  3. Then, you will see the list of Fitbit devices, tap on the one you have.
  4. Tap Set Up Your Fitbit.
  5. Enter your details including First Name, Last Name, email, and a password that you want to use for the Fitbit account.
  6. Agree to the terms and services and tap Next.
  7. Moreover, use the Sliders to enter your birthday.
  8. After you go next, you will see a Ruler. Slide the ruler up and down to enter your height.
  9. Similarly, select your gender and enter your weight.
  10. Click on Create Account.
  11. Lastly, scroll down to the terms and services and tap I Agree.

Therefore, you have an account. The only thing left is to pair your Fitbit with your iPhone/iPad.

Sync a Fitbit to Your iPhone/iPad

  1. Foremost, you will see an Account button on the upper-right corner of your Fitbit app. Tap on the account button.
  2. Tap Set Up a Device.
  3. Then, you will see the list of Fitbit devices, select the one you want to pair with.
  4. The app will ask you to plug your Fitbit into its charger so that, the app can find your device. The exact process can vary, but you can see it on the screen. However, if your device has power, the app will find it without plugging in. Just make sure it is near your phone and has Bluetooth on.
  5. Next, a four-digit number displays on your screen. You have to enter that code on the app. If your Fitbit device has no screen, tap the device. Here, you have to connect to Fitbit via Bluetooth.
  6. Tap Next. If you want to know more about the device, read the information.

Once these processes complete, your Fitbit must pair with your iPhone/iPad. This will take a couple of minutes, so better don’t panic.

Note that: in the case of Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa, the process is slightly different. It may ask you to connect your Fitbit with Wi-Fi after pairing it with the phone.

Set Up Your Goal

Once you pair your device, you will be prompted to receive the notifications. Through the notifications, you will be able to track your health metrics throughout the day.

Besides, you will also see the Fitbit’s home screen, where you will see other devices’ tracking metrics, as well as you will learn to set up additional ones.

Before you start, Fitbit will ask you to set up your goals, whether it be improving your sleep, losing weight, or other number options. However, select which wrist you want to wear your Fitbit, and you are ready to go.

What Should I Do If Syncing Fails?

Sometimes, your Fitbit gets stuck or hangs up and doesn’t sync. In such a case, you can try any of the mentioned steps:

  1. Turn off and turn back on your Bluetooth.
  2. Restart your Fitbit Device.
  3. Restart your iPhone/iPad.
  4. Log in to your account from a different iPhone/iPad.
  5. Still, if it doesn’t sync, remove all other Fitbit devices from your account and also, from the list of connected Bluetooth devices in your iPhone/iPad, and try to sync.

How to Modify My Sync Options?

If you want to modify your sync options, here are the steps:

  1. Go to the home screen of the Fitbit app on your iPhone.
  2. There you will see the Profile Icon on the top-left corner. Select the icon. You will also see individual account settings, as well as the settings of Fitbit.
  3. Then, you have to select your device.
  4. Scroll down to the device settings screen to the Sync section.
  5. By default, All-Day Sync toggles.
  6. Toggle it off, and you can sync by selecting Sync Now.

What Settings Will I want To Change Straight Away?

Once you look around the Fitbit’s main screen (Dashboard), there are some settings that you want to be aware of.

For instance, to make the tracking more accurate, you may want to enter your ‘stride length’. For this, you have to tap the top-right button on the dashboard and select Advanced Settings, and then Stride Length.

In advanced settings, you can also change the unit it uses, and pick the day you want to start tracking.

Moreover, back on the screen, you will find other settings such as the ability to change the goals, notifications, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Set Up a New Fitbit To My Existing Account?

Yes! It is very important that if you bought a new Fitbit, you do not create a new account. During the setup process, make sure you select Existing User and log in with your active Fitbit credentials.

To register a new Fitbit device to your existing account, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go on the Fitbit app dashboard and click the Account Icon.
  2. Tap Set Up a Device.
  3. Choose your Fitness Tracker and follow the onscreen instructions.

How Can I Transfer My Fitbit To Another User?

Here are a few steps you should take for a smooth transition.

  1. Sync your used Fitbit device to your account to capture the most recent data.
  2. Erase the Fitbit device to delete all apps and personal data. All data will be removed when connected to a new account. Note that: erasing is different from restarting. If your device has no erasing option, move to step 3.
  3. Remove the device from the Fitbit account.
  4. Then, tell your phone to forget your device. This will remove the connection between the phone and the Fitbit device.
  5. On your phone, go to Settings>Bluetooth, and in the list find your device.
  6. And, find an option to forget the device.
  7. Now, another user can make their account and sync the device to it.

Can I Link Fitbit to Apple Health?

Yes! There is an app called Sync Solver in the Apple App Store, which allows you to do this. This app costs $1.99.

You have to sync the Fitbit app with your Fitbit tracker, then open Sync Solver. It will prompt you to import your data from the Fitbit app by logging in. Then, it will automatically sync your Fitbit to the Apple Health app.

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