Fitness Tracker Versus Smartwatch: Which To Buy?

Fitness Tracker Versus Smartwatch

Are you a fitness freak? Have you ever used a Fitness Tracker or a Smartwatch? What do you think is a better choice? And how would you choose between these two gadgets? 

Fitness Tracker and Smartwatch possess some of the same features like monitoring your health progress, heart rate, etc. Also, both serve the same purpose for some users. According to the necessity of the user, they need to choose between a Fitness tracker and Smartwatch. Both are equally important and preferred by users. However, the preference is highly influenced by various factors like your purpose of using it. 

Both of them have unique features that are loved by users. If you are just concerned about your fitness, then a Fitness Tracker can be best for you. But, if you want a lot more than this, then Smartwatch is a better option. Before buying, you need to ask yourself what you are searching for. 

Fitness Tracker is not complicated to use. Also, they are relatively cheap. However, if you need attractive designs and the varied feature along with the latest smart fitness feature, then go for Smartwatches. Although Smartwatches are expensive, you will not regret spending on such a powerful gadget one could ever have.

Apart from this, there are other differences between Smartwatches and Fitness Tracker. You need to decide what you want. This article will try to break most of the differences between these two gadgets. Thus, it will be easy for you to choose from them. 

Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker is a wrist-worn device that can monitor your heart rate, sleep patterns, swimming laps, and running distance. This is a wearable computer that interacts via Bluetooth in mobile to arrange and download the wearer’s activity data. 

Fitness Tracker measures motion. The data collected is then converted into steps and activity, and from there into calories and sleep quality. However, there is some guesswork involved during the conversion.

The slim, lightweight design of the Fitness Tracker attracts the customers as it is eye-pleasing for the wearer. Also, the battery of Fitness Tracker is durable because of the limited features and apps.

Furthermore, there are some Fitness Trackers which allow you to read and reply text messages without using smartphones. 

Some of the features are as follow:

  • You can count your steps and can measure other movements like whether you are standing or sitting
  • It helps you to keep track of the calories in your body
  • You can check your vital signs like your heartbeat.
  • It syncs with other devices.
  • You can monitor your sleep, which helps you to be healthy.

Fitbit Charge 4, Fitbit Charge 3, Garmin Vivosmart 4, Huawei Band 3 Pro are some of the popular Fitness Tracker.


Smartwatch is a type of digital watch that has a touchscreen display that allows you to do the activities by tapping or swiping on the screen. Furthermore, you can also see the weather forecast in your Smartwatch. Besides these, you can use your Smartwatch to send and receive phone calls and text messages.

However, the function of Smartwatch highly depends on smartphones as the data is first received by phone and then after sent to watch. Moreover, most Smartwatches neither have a WiFi nor a SIM card for cellular data. So, most apps depend on Smartphones to provide data via Bluetooth connection.

But still, there are some features that do not rely on a smartphone, like activity tracking, etc., because of the inbuilt accelerometer and heart rate monitor in the Smartwatch. 

Some features of Smartwatch are as follow:

  • You can instantly receive phone calls and messages without your phone.
  • If your phone is misplaced, you can find your phone through your Smartwatch by clicking some buttons.
  • You can easily reach your destination with the navigation feature of your Smartwatch.
  • Sometimes you cannot keep your phone with you, like while swimming, so in this situation, your Smartwatch will help you to see the notification.

Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, and LG Watch are some of the popular Smartwatches.

Fitness Tracker Vs. Smartwatch

A Smartwatch can act as a Fitness Tracker, but a Fitness Tracker has a primary focus on activity tracking. Generally, Fitness Tracker is more focused on health and activity monitoring than on smart notifications. You have a small screen on Fitness Tracker comparatively to the Smartwatch, so it is difficult to read and reply messages through Fitness Tracker. 

If you compare the cost of those two gadgets, the Fitness Tracker is cheaper than Smartwatch. The battery of Fitness Tracker also remains for a longer time due to its limited features, and also it is light-weight and slim.

Moreover, Smartwatch has a bigger screen in comparison to the Fitness Tracker as it features LED screens. If you see the appearance of Smartwatch, then you will notice they are similar to analog watches.

Furthermore, Smartwatch offers more features as it is designed as an extension to your smartphones to make your work a little easier. You do not need to use your phones all the time because Smartwatch will help you to run the apps like in smartphones.

Smartwatch has reduced the number of devices that you own because with your Smartwatch; you do not need to pull your phone out of your pocket to use the apps. Smartwatch does the work of Fitness Tracker as well, so you do not need a Fitness Tracker if you own a Smartwatch.

Fitness Tracker can help you with the distractions because they are primarily focused on fitness goals. But in Smartwatch, you can use various apps along with fitness activities, so this can distract you.

A detailed study on the difference between Fitness Tracker and Smartwatch can be done from the following table.

Basis  Fitness Tracker Smartwatch
Cost Fitness Tracker is cheaper than Smartwatch   Smartwatch is expensive due to its additional feature than Fitness Tracker
Space It occupies less space in your wrist and is light-weight. So it is comfortable to wear for a long period. Due to its bigger screen, it takes more space and is little heavy compared to Fitness Tracker.
Displays The display is smaller so it is not feasible to read and reply text messages through Fitness Tracker. Smartwatch features an LED screen, this allows the users to reply to text messages.
Features The primary focus is health and activity monitoring so it has limited features. This device is designed as an extension to smartphones which allows you to run various apps without your phone. You can also make phone calls through Smartwatch.
Battery Life The main advantage of Fitness Tracker is its battery life. Because you do not have more applications to run in this device, the battery will sustain for a longer period. Comparatively the battery does not sustain like of Fitness Tracker as it works as a replacement to smartphones. You have many additional features in Smartwatch which reduce the battery life.
Customization You do not have that many choices of customization like for Smartwatch. Some Fitness Tracker has the facility of choosing straps as per your choice but most of them do not have.  You can customize your Smartwatch according to your choice. You can swap the bands as per your need. Also, you can use the strap of your favorite watch in Smartwatch. 

Price Differences Between Fitness Trackers And Smartwatch?

I have checked the cost of the Fitness Tracker and Smartwatch on different websites. The prices are varied according to the design, manufacturing expenses, promotion expenses, etc. 

The range of the price of Fitness Tracker starts from $ 15(USD) up to $ 200(USD) and above. Similarly, the price of a Smartwatch starts from $ 50(USD) to $1000(USD) and above. 

 As the manufacturing expenses increase, the price of the product also increases. This is the way of assigning a price to the product. 

Furthermore, the increase in features of the Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker results in the high price of the product. Sometimes, though the product does not have that many features, the company tries to earn more profit by high pricing. I have observed many times that although the quality is the same, they are priced differently in different markets.

The price of those devices highly depends on the design you choose, the material it is made up of, and the strap and also, if the product is endorsed by any celebrity, then automatically, the price of that product hikes. 

This happens in the case of Fitness Tracker and Smartwatch as well. You need to observe and check a lot of things before you buy it because you do not want to spend more if the quality of those devices are not like you expected.

You can get a Smartwatch at $50(USD) as well, but it does not have that feature, which you expect when you wear it. For the branded Smartwatch, you need to spend at least $ 200(USD). Similarly, for a Fitness Tracker, the lowest price is $ 20(USD), and you can get the best at $ 100(USD).

However, sometimes the price of the product is high, but the Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker is not so attractive and comfortable; this means your money is wasted. So you need to check the best website and purchase it from the best seller to get a high-quality product at a reasonable price.

Why Choose Fitness Tracker?

Fitness Tracker has become popular due to its battery life and also some additional features; you can reply and read the messages. Moreover, this device encourages you to be active and improve your health through exercise.

They are much focused on health and activity monitoring activities rather than other features. Furthermore, Fitness Tracker tells you about your progress in health and also how well you are performing the exercise.

This helps you to specify a target, and when you fulfill the target, the device sends you the message of appreciation. Also, you can share this message with your friends and ask them to compete with you. The feeling of competition also helps you to train effectively and live a healthy lifestyle.

Some benefits of Fitness Tracker are as follow:

  • You can read and reply to text messages from Fitness Tracker and also share the motivational messages sent by the tracker with your friends.
  • Fitness Tracker helps you to set a target, and after you fulfill the target, it sends the message regarding your performance. This makes you excited and motivates you to train more.
  • Fitness Tracker understands your overall health. It also helps women to track their ovulation and menstrual period, which helps to understand what are the real issues you need to consult with your doctor.
  • Fitness Tracker has a better battery life, which is the main benefit for the wearer.

Along with the benefits, there are some disadvantages as well. They are as follows:

  • You cannot have as many designs as that of Smartwatch. The designs are limited for Fitness Tracker.
  • They have a smaller screen, which creates difficulty while reading messages.
  • Fitness Tracker has a limited feature as it is mainly focused on activity tracking.

Why Choose a Smartwatch?

Although Smartwatch is more expensive than Fitness Tracker, it offers you more features than Tracker. Smartwatch is an extension of smartphones. You can check the notification on your wrist without taking your phone out of your pocket.

Smartwatch allows you to see details of your exercise on a bigger screen. It has various designs that are a perfect choice for those who are fashion conscious. Smartwatch not just tells the time but offers a lot more than that. You can do things on your watch that you usually do on your phone.

A Smartwatch can help you to find the location because it has an in-built compass and other navigation features. Also, you can record the maps and locations in your Smartwatch. You can instantly receive phone calls and messages without using your smartphones.

Some advantages of Smartwatch are as follows:

  • Some Smartwatch has a more powerful battery than your phone, which helps to keep in touch with your phone for a longer period.
  • In some situations, you cannot keep your phone with you, just like while swimming, your Smartwatch will help you to read notifications.
  • You can make instant phone calls and receive messages without using your phone.
  • Your entertainment is in your hand because you can watch youtube videos in your wrist, you can play music, and also check social media notifications whenever you want.

Along with the pros, there come the cons. Here are some cons of Smartwatch.

  • Fitness Tracker occupies less space than your Smartwatch as the screen of the Smartwatch is bigger.
  • The battery is durable compared to the Smartwatch.
  • Smartwatch is too expensive, so it will be difficult to manage your budget.

These are some pros and cons of Fitness Tracker as well as of Smartphones.

Which One To Choose: Fitness Tracker or Smartwatch

A Smartwatch can act as a Fitness Tracker, but a Fitness Tracker cannot act as a Smartwatch. In my opinion, Smartwatch is a better option because of its various features. Smartwatch is an extended connection with your smartphones.

Although it is expensive, the features it provides are amazing and worthy. You do not need to hold your phone all the time to check the notification. If you have a Smartwatch, all the features of your phone will be on your wrist. 

Some Smartphones have a powerful battery than that of your phone, which means you can stay connected with your phone for a longer time. Smartwatch also has a big screen, which is great for you to see the notifications and messages. Fitness Tracker just focuses on activity tracking, but Smartwatch offers you a lot more than that.

Yes, of course, there is a vast difference in the price of both the devices, but you also need to see the advantages it provides. Smartwatch includes all the features of Fitness Tracker and also has many additional features. Smartwatches come in various designs, which helps you to match your standard. You will have a lot of options regarding straps, choice of leather, etc.

So, in my opinion, you should go to Smartwatch for a better experience. But if you have a limited budget and just want for activity tracking, then Fitness Tracker is better for you. Fitness Tracker is slim, light-weighted, and is comfortable to wear that takes less space on your wrist. Both the devices have their strengths and weaknesses; you need to choose according to your necessity.

Does Any Device Offer The Best Of Both Worlds?

If you look at the rapid development of technology, it is difficult to answer. You cannot answer it exactly. The line between Fitness Tracker and the Smartwatch is getting blurred as time passes. 

Fitness Tracker is also adding new features, and Smartwatch is also adding it. But if you see, Apple has done a great job. Apple has tried to merge strong fitness and activity tracking functionality into its Apple Watch, along with the smart features.

But to use this, you need to be an Apple phone user, which is not possible for everybody. If you are fond of sports watches, then the Apple Watch will not be suitable for you as the metrics of the watch will not let you go far. If you are fashion conscious, then Wear OS is perfect for you.

Although the line between tracker and smartwatch is getting blurred, users still find it different. They perceive both the devices in a different way. Fitness Tracker and Smartwatch are both good for recording your performance of health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Fitbit Better Than Apple Watch?

Fitbit is popular for activity tracking, and Apple is famous for Smartwatch. It has added various other apps along with activity tracking and lovely touchscreens, whereas Apple has added more health features in its smartwatch.

Fitbit wins on fitness, and Apple wins on everything else. Apple does not let you set your own goals except for calorie burn, but in Fitbit, you can set your goals, and when you fulfill it, Fitbit sends you motivational messages. Fitbit can monitor your heartbeat 24/7, can store data at 1-second intervals during exercise and 5 seconds during other times. Fitbit also tracks your sleep because sleep is the most important part of being healthy. It keeps the record of the sleep stages you go through at night.

Do You Need GPS On Fitness Tracker?

It is better if you have GPS on Fitness Tracker because it will help you to know about how far you have gone and how fast you are reaching your target. Generally, when you carry your phone in the pocket or bags, it will be difficult for your phone to synchronize with the satellite. So, if you have a GPS on your wrist, then you can experience a better feature of GPS.

Your Smartwatch will inform you if the connection is poor or if you lose the connection, but a smartphone does not have this feature. GPS also works well with other sports like hiking, cycling, and swimming, where distance tracking is important.  

Is It Worth Buying a Fossil Smartwatch? 

Fossil Smartwatch is of great quality and lasts for a long period. A friend of mine bought a Fossil Smartwatch 7 years ago, and it is still working like before. The color has not faded, nor has she faced any kind of other problems. The chip is also working well.

Fossil Smartwatch has a classic look with swappable bands and provides you with a speaker for calls. There are various options for Fossil Smartwatch. You can wear it for any occasion as it has many options. Whether you are sports focus, fashion-conscious, or you need both, Fossil Smartwatch can give you all these varieties.

Final Words

Both devices have their strengths and weaknesses. According to the necessity of the user, they choose between Fitness Tracker and Smartwatch. You need to ask yourself what you want, what is your goal before you buy any of these devices.

Despite Smartwatch minimizing the number of devices, it may be expensive for you. Technology is being advanced as the day passes. Fitness Tracker has added many features with a touch screen. However, Smartwatch has also added many health features.

You should know your purpose of buying any kind of device, and according to your purpose, you need to choose between a tracker and smartwatch. 

I have mentioned the pros and cons of Fitness Tracker and Smartwatch in this article. In my opinion, Smartwatch is a better option because it has many features to offer, and I find it helpful. But if your budget is low and you just want a device for tracking your activity, then Fitness Tracker is also not bad. To monitor your health, Fitness Tracker is better, but for other features like receiving a call, Smartwatch can be a better choice.


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