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Jawbone Series had a large base of customers in its first years of release. You might be one of the many customers of Jawbone who were satisfied with what it had to offer in the first years when smart bands entered the market.

Sadly, Jawbone had to stop its production after it liquidated. The cause of this was Jawbone’s incompetence with the growing innovation in technology.

For a Jawbone customer who loved some of its stunning features, you might be thinking which fitness band to buy next after Jawbone. This is a crucial decision to make, and the Fitbit series might amaze you with its features in this regard.

Why did People Buy Jawbone Series of Fitness Trackers?

Even though Jawbone lacked basic innovations like water resistance, which was essential for a smart band, you could use many other features that would have made your experience a love-hate relationship.

There were a lot of features that would make you fall for Jawbone as a smart band. They are:

Jawbone Revolutionary Design

One of the most attractive features of Jawbone is one of a kind design which none of the smart bands can copy.

You can view a unique design followed by a thin strap of the band without display except for Up move. Because there was no display, you could find it quite adjustable in any size of wrists.

Moreover, you have the ultimate band without much weight to carry in your hands.

Jawbone Apps Legacy

Jawbone specially focused on its apps. You could have used the apps for activity tracking. Additionally, it would amaze you how determined an app can be to motivate as well as reward you on the accomplishments of your goals.

Besides, the app would show you your plans for the day and the activities you have to conquer. This would have been enough to keep you fit and working.

Furthermore, you could even add up the activities that were not present to be recorded in the first place. For it, you could use a stopwatch and then assign the activity so that it would calculate the total activity graph. How amazing isn’t it?

Activity Graphs

Basically, activity graphs present to you the exercises you have completed throughout the week or the day.

Such activity graphs will help you keep up with your goals as well as compete with your friends and family if you find it amusing.

It will simply show you where you lack your efforts to obtain a healthy self. That is what you should look for in a fitness band after all, isn’t it?

Social Integration

In a world of global integration, keeping up with friends and family is quite a catch! This is where Jawbone steps up for you.

It combines a fun social integration in its apps so that you can set goals with your family and friends as well as compete with them. Activities and fitness will never be so much fun without it!

You can watch the goals completed by others on their dashboards. You can even share yours directly to social media like Facebook and Twitter!

What’s more? There are leaderboards where you can compete like in a gaming console!

Professional Tracking

Even though there are only a few things that Jawbone could track, it did professional work on those it did.

Not only did it track your walking and running to keep step counts, distance covered, and much more, but it also could track your sleep and diet.

Understanding the essentials of fitness, you are given the best of the tracking services. For sleep, you could know how much time you spent on a bed sleeping, how much time it took for you to get to sleep, and other details.

For diet, your charts would be colored according to the choice of your food so that you can change it into something healthier. Moreover, you can manage calorie counts, cholesterol, salt, sugar, and others through such tracking methods.

Idle Alerts

The essence of any smart band is keeping you fit and healthy. Jawbone series assistant in this aspect by sending you idle alerts every time you sit idle for more than two minutes to two hours.

You could even fix timers when you needed to work out. This ensures and reminds you to work out and stay fit!

Why You Should Not Buy Jawbone Series?

Jawbone lacks the basics of any smart bands you find in the market; hence it’s worthless to consider buying it. This is why it downsized and eventually liquidated its company.

Although it had been shut down in mid of 2018, most of its bands were available on famous online stores like Amazon, eBay, and best deals at low prices.

Jawbone made sure these resellers were responsible for any inconveniences caused by the smart bands.

However, since the bands heavily relied upon its apps, the bands shut down completely as a result.

Here are the reasons why you should not have bought Jawbone:

Lack of Water Resistance

Having a design of a sleek band which was light-weighted and thin took its toll on Jawbone. They could not keep up with other smart bands that were released in the market with greater ambitions.

One of the Jawbone series backlashes is that you cannot wear it while involved in activities with water. Whether it is swimming or just washing your hands, you have to be careful not to let water inside your smart band.

Slight carelessness could cause great misfortunes when you were using Jawbone through tiny sprinkles of water that were okay.

Poor Innovation

The technological market gifts you with a lot of competition among various brands that are ready to provide the best for you.

Be it idle alerts, water-resistance, or outdoor activity tracking with 12 sports modes; you can have it all. On top of that, you get to see it on a great LED display!

However, Jawbone could not compete with the ever-flourishing market and had to face huge losses as the customers changed their paths.

Greater Outflow of Capital

Though Jawbone showed a greater outflow of capital, it could not actually utilize those productively. Jawbone would show you promises of changes in its design and quality. However, failing miserably, it had to suffer losses upfront.

Lack of Jawbone Series Customer Support

Since Jawbone suffered the dis-functionality of many of its models, it could not contact all of its customers at once. As a result, it lost a huge customer base and reliability.

What after Jawbone Series?

Now, if you are a former user of Jawbone and want something new with the positive aspects of Jawbone, then you should start watching for the alternatives present in the market.

As mentioned earlier, many inventions will definitely surprise you to what extent a fitness band can make your life easy!

Jawbone’s revolutionary design and its stunning apps have made the fitness bands what they are today by setting up a legacy! Let’s check out what brand you would love to switch to for the ones who are thinking of owning a brand that is best in the business.

Alternative For Jawbone Up 2 Series

Jawbone promised to provide you with performance and style by this series. The technological world has advanced in such a vast manner that it is almost impossible to survive in the market without such features present for you.

Most companies like Fitbit and Misfit have taken over the market, along with Garmin, Samsung, and much more. Fitbit rules the market with its inspiring and charming bands, which are more affordable and designed especially for you!

These bands are attractive and slim, giving you a bracelet vibe. Misfit Ray are other bands that would give you a similar vibe to the Up 2 without the displays but a great way to flex your steps and sleep without having to think about how much you have worked out in your face,

Similar to Up2, Misfit Ray provides notifications on your smartphone through LED lights flashing in several colors. These depend on what you choose your notification type to be.

In fact, it is better than what “Up 2” could have provided you. Fitbit Flex 2 was also a great choice for you in such a case, but it has already gone out of stock and is not available at the moment in the market.

If you are looking for a cheap bracelet type smart band, you should definitely choose Misfit Ray.

Alternative For Jawbone Up 3 Series

Jawbone’s only option for you that has a heart rate sensor using bioimpedance is Up 3. They were unique when they were first launched in the market.

You might be thinking about what bioimpedance is. It is actually a sensor similar to the electrocardiogram, which sends electrical currents through your skin. These are supposedly more accurate than any optical sensors but only measure a resting heart rate!

Fitbit Charge 3 is the one that has similar abilities with the lack of the sensor. However, it has an optical sensor and a lot of other features added to it. One of the best benefits is swim proofing the band, which is a must while it also adds to longer battery life.

In contrast, it is sad news that Jawbone’s facility of a sensor can only be found in chest straps such as Polar H7 and H10.

Fitbit Alta HR and Nokia steel HR also provide similar features, but Fitbit Alta HR is also out of production.

Also known as Withings Steel HR, Nokia steel HR gives you the ultimate and accurate heart rate monitoring. It has an attractive design and a helpful app to counter your fitness activities.

Alternative For Jawbone Up 4 Series

Up4 band is an upgraded version of Up 4, which allows you to make payments from your wrist directly.

Now, if you want to find similar features in another smart band, then the Apple Watch is where you should invest your money. Not only can the Apple watch act as your substitute for a debit card, but it can also track your heart rate. It is equally stylish and gives you an aesthetic feeling.

Though Apple watches are a little more expensive than Jawbone, it works as a band as well as a smartwatch and amazes you with many features.

Fitbit charge 4 is a good choice as well. You can pay through Fitbit pay services as well as get every single feature of Fitbit Charge 3 as well.

Alternative For Jawbone Up Move Series

Jawbone’s first inexpensive smart band is the Up move! This smart band gave you quite a low profile, a small device that could be either worn on the wrist or even clipped to your clothing.

It had an LED display, unlike other Jawbone bands showing you the active modes and sleep modes. You could even use the accelerometer for tracking steps. Like the feature mentioned above of professional tracking, it would track your sleep perfectly.

If you are looking for an alternative for such a tracker, Fitbit Inspire HR is your go-to. You can definitely seek similar features like the ability to be worn in either your wrist. However, it cannot be attached to your clothing.

What’s more? It tracks your activities and sleep routines and assures your fitness.

Moreover, Misfit Shine 2 can also provide you similar features with a battery life of 6-month. Likewise, you can change the battery when it dies without the need of charging almost weekly. This is made possible by its coin-cell battery!

In this regard, Garmin vivofit 4 is also one of the best smart bands you could choose. It also provides you social integration where you can compete with your kids, friends, and family. Similarly, it records your activities as soon as you are on the move.

Last Words

We understand that it must have been heart-breaking for you when the Jawbone ceased its services all of a sudden. We want you to get the best features of Jawbone in the ones that can provide you more than it.

Even though some of the Jawbone series’ features are incomparable and difficult to copy, but there are many more exciting offers waiting for you. Explore new technology and prepare to amaze yourself!

You are gradually entering an era of betterment and advancement. This is where you can seek flexibility in action.

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